Uhm, I did it. I bought those damn Nine West Pumps.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shopping is evil and I need to start saying no. You know how it is, when you need to buy something specific that’s when you don’t find it. When you’re not looking, that’s when it shows itself.

When I was younger, I lived by the “tiis ganda” principle. Now that I’m more mature, that is thrown out of the window. Quality over fashion is a mantra that comes with age. The statement especially rears its ugly head when it comes to shoes – if you’re prettier than pretty but hurt like hell, I ain’t buying.

Does a comfy pair of affordable heels exist??? No. Haha You can’t have everything and I’ve accepted that fact already.

Kinda unemployed and on a supposed shopping ban, I was in Nine West helping a friend buy a pair of shoes. I’ve been looking for 3 inch comfy pumps but never felt the comfy part. In the past just slipping my foot in would instantly feel pain because of the shoe’s poor construction. Walking in them would even be more painful.

I saw Nine West’s Rochas and decided to try it on, what did I have to lose? Wrong move! I put my foot in and didn’t feel pain. I didn’t want the comfort to linger and seduce me. I walked away, I didn’t have regular work.

The shoes haunted me. When was the last time I wore a pair of 4 inch heels, felt comfort and had an easy time walking? It’s been awhile. I’ve been raised to adhere to investing in quality pieces.

I played with fate, I visited Nine West again but they didn’t have my size. The sales associate offers to check other branches and text me if they find a pair. The gods wanted me to have those Rochas. On the same day, they find my size in another branch and mentioned the pair could be sent to the branch I visited.

I bring my sister with me to Nine West and she sees AND feels the difference of the Rochas too, I wasn’t imagining things. There were some kinks but we were able to resolve that. I went home with my first pair of comfortable 4 inch pumps from Nine West. It’s one of the priciest pairs I have and I hope I don’t do it again. Hahaha The wait and search was worth it.

Yes, I know I shared the story to get like-minded people to affirm my decision. Haha

Hi new shoes, I can’t wait to take you out. Haha Enablers, stay away from me first so the shopping ban can be implemented PROPERLY. Mwhahaha

I can be such a girl!

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