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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My love affair with shoes, like any normal woman, is no secret. Besides that, I like lists! When I saw Cosmo’s 101 Fab Shoe Finds For College And Working Chicks, I clicked right away. Combining 2 things I like, cmon! Congrats Cosmo, your list worked – I wanted to snag a couple of pairs!

FitFlop Luna, white, P3,990
I haven’t added to my Fitflop collection, the Luna is a candidate to join my cabinet. Haha

Adidas Originals, P1,995
If these slip ons are as comfy as my Toms, I am THIS close to buying these! I like rainbows! This pair will go a long way with all of my clothes. I know it’s not the girly pair I’ve been jonesing for, but it’s too pretty! Perhaps a sporty pair of skimmers or slip ons paired with dresses really won’t happen. Haha If this pair is cheaper in SG, I’m sold!

Tretorn Skerry, P2,490
These boots would brighten any rainy day.

Ferretti, kitten heels, nude pink P999
I’ve been hearing really good stories about this brand though I haven’t been to a store lately. Find this pair utterly adorable for a girly girl, I appreciate it though it’s not a pair I’d buy for me.

Ferretti wedge, black, P1,499
I haven’t had a good pair of black heels or wedges for quite some time and this might be it IF it is comfy. I love the wedge! I hope this isn’t made of suede….

Ferretti beaded wedges, P1,499
What can I say; I am a fan of interesting wedges! I’m kinda lusting over these but I can’t buy it since I don’t need it. Ahihihi

CMG sling-back platforms, grey, P4,799
I first saw these wedges in Kabbie’s blog. I told you I like interesting wedges!

* All photos from the Cosmo website.

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  1. nako pag nakita mo pa yung list, 101 yun! ang damiiii! hehe =)

  2. "I’m kinda lusting over these but I can’t buy it since I don’t need it." I hope I get to learn this logic na din haha.

  3. hahaha practice makes perfect! i had to "train" myself before and go window shopping and not buy anything. haha kaya masaya ako tumulong sa mga nagpapatulong magshopping, i shop vicariously through them!

    kaya mo yan emgee! =)


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