April 2012 in Molome

Friday, May 04, 2012

I’ve been lusting over the many photo enhancing programs that are available to the iPhone. I know Instagram has been made available for Andriod users but I’m a loyalist, I still am a Nokia user. The closest program available for Nokia users is Molome. I don’t upload as much photos as other Molome users or Instagram users but I try to upload once in a while. For April, I was able to upload a lot compared to the previous months. Over here at my blog though, I didn’t have a lot of posts. =( Yes…I’m sorry the real world took over. Here’s a glimpse of how my April was.

(1) We celebrated the first birthday of our first little kindat
(2) Who doesn’t like sunsets? This was taken in a very busy shopping area in the city. 
(3) I gave up chocolate and booze for Lent. To welcome me back, I had my fave drink - Serendipity at Borough. This is the 2nd time the Serendipity appears in my Molome gallery. 
(4) This is the second celebration of the end of my Lenten sacrifice – marvelous cakes from The Cake Club with fellow kaldkarins Danix and Berenice
(5) Another sunset shot to add to the collection, this was taken in Mindoro
(6) Still in Mindoro, our shoot ended early and our contacts invited us to explore more of the province. 
(7) One of my best friends, Owee tied the knot with Richard at an intimate DIY wedding in Tagaytay. 
(8) I still owe you guys posts about our Siem Reap trip. I bought these pants that can be used as a romper also as recommended by Mj! These pants are incredibly comfy and help me during the sweltering summer heat. 
(9) I went on a short photo walk in UP. 
(10) We capped off that photo walk with dessert from Chocolate Kiss. I just love their dessert sampler! I wish all restaurants had a dessert sampler too.

That was part of my April 2012, how was yours? =) Don’t forget to follow me on Molome!

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