Staycation Weekend at Linden Suites

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our friend Abi is based in the UK and had a scheduled vacation here in Manila this May. We really wanted to go out of town but it was too hard getting everyone out. Instead, we had a staycation.

Most of us live in the North so the options were Makati or Ortigas. A lot of the hotels and serviced apartments had cheaper rates online than if you go and call them. We ended up booking at Linden Suites where we got a 3 bedroom suite with breakfast the comfortably fit 6 adults.

At the official Linden Suites website, the suite would cost P10,541 (approximately $240). We were pretty settled with it when Abi found a BETTER RATE at this dubious looking Linden Suites website for only P7,672 (approximately $175). I had my concerns since the 2nd website didn’t look that official but I booked through that site anyway. After paying and getting my confirmation through email, the loka-loka in me had to confeeeerm so I called Linden Suites. The reservation wasn’t in their system yet and they asked me to call the next day instead. I call the next day and they still didn’t have the reservation in their system. I got worried, did we just get scammed???

The helpful reservations officer asked me to email the confirmation to them. Hallabalooo….There was a mix up in the booking. It was under the name of my other friend. Phew! Thank god!!! I could breathe now.

The Dining and Sala Area
The Kitchen

The Masters Bedroom

The Masters Bathroom

The 2nd Bedroom

The 3rd Bedroom

The 2nd Bathroom

The suite was very spacious and went against our norm - koboy accommodations. I was the first one in the suite so whenever someone would arrive, my friends trickled in 1 by 1, I would greet them with a “Pick your room!”. They would react like so: “Di nga??? Tig-isa isa tayo?” Hahaha True to our koboy ways, they thought we would be piled in cramp rooms. This was the biggest area we’ve stayed at in a long time. All 6 of us comfortable roomed around the suite.

The night was spent drinking and playing wii!!!! It was a wiiii-tastic weekend. Mwahahaha

The Service
I never had problems with the staff of the hotel. When I arrived, they asked for my confirmation voucher which I didn’t have. They informed me I could simply go to the business center and have it printed there – free of charge. Checking in was a breeze. I was informed that the suite had an iPod deck but when I got there, it didn’t. I called housekeeping and someone came up to assess the situation, gave his recommendation and went back down. The person came back up with an adapter instead, yay! I made a playlist for our drinking session so the iPod was imperative. Haha

The Food
The breakfast buffet is usually until 10 am but on Sundays, they extend it til 1 PM. Notice I don’t have food photos. The food was nothing spectacular but edible.

Overall our stay was pleasant. I’d definitely do it again but would spend more time in the hotel. It would have been awesome if we were able to swim or cook our dinner at the hotel. Next time!

Thanks girl for one of the awesomest weekends I’ve had in a long time! We should do this more, Makati or Alabang next? Haha

The Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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