Christmas Give List: For fellow kaladkarins!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For some posts, I make an effort to find the things or items to post. For this particular give list, I didn’t go out and looked for items I could blog for. During my planned and some unplanned visits to the mall, I was able to see some things that I know a lot of people would love and frankly there are some items here that WILL be part of my Christmas wish list. Haha

Who doesn’t travel without a luggage tag? If you just answered you, dude it’s about time you got one. Luggage tags are a must whether travelling locally or internationally!

My Print Personalized Luggage Tags (P35)
This company is owned by my cousin. I gave these tags away last Christmas to friends and family. We received good comments so we decided to include them to My Print’s line. The styles are named after the people I gave them to. I’m very proud of these tags and I’m using the “Owee” tags with the photos I took.

Camera Luggage Tag (P150) from Powerbooks
Pardon the photo quality because this was taken by my cellphone and the security guard was looking at me with his evil eye. I took a quick picture of this adorable luggage tag that’s sure to elicit reactions from slr-lugging photo enthusiasts and camwhores.

Music Note Luggage Tag (P150) from Powerbooks
You may not be able to write a lot on this tag but it will surely standout in the carousel.

Wooden bagtags (P149.75) from Kultura Filipino
(Whispers, I love Kultura Filipino and will have a separate post about the place in the future!) This is a novel idea but I don’t know if it can stand the test of travel and time? Haha Nonetheless, it’s pretty unique and would make for a conversation piece when in other countries.

Stamped Canvass Bagtag (P39.75) from Kultura Filipino
Olive! This is the concept we wanted for Pasto’s website that wasn’t executed well by the designer we almost hired. It screams travel promoting local places though as the previous, I’m not sure if the material is a good fit for a luggage tug swimming with other luggage and being tossed around.

Stamped Canvass Pouch (P129.75) from Kultura Filipino
I remember Danix had a plain pouch like this when we went to Ho Chi Minh. The problem with a plain pouch, there’s no distinguishing factor between the zippers! Hahaha At least with the printed version, it’s easy “Get it from the Laguna zipper.” It’s so useful! This will really help in separating currencies and documents while travelling. For people in production, it’s a great tool to keep things organized (and you guys know how OC I can get) – 4 sections separating your coins, paper money, receipts, etc. It’s a PM, EP, AP’s dream pouch. Hahaha I’m seriously deciding if I should get it NOW or add it to my Christmas wish list without the assurance of actually getting it!

Yeah Top Spring Spiral Notebooks (P99.75) from National Bookstore and SM Department Store
It can be a bit cliché having a travel themed notebook for your travel notebook but I know you want to get this as well. Check out the paper give list for other travel notebook options.

Card Cases (P89.75 – P99.75) from Dimensione
They are actually travel themed more than travel items. I have a thing for stamp related design, what can I say?

Hat (P199.75) from Kultura Filipino
Is this banig? Haha Banig type fedora hat that comes in different colors.

Passport Cases (P499) from Brownbelly
We have a knack for adding personality to mundane or uniform things and these passport cases does the trick. Now, you’ll never have a problem grabbing someone’s passport by mistake.

All these items make me want to travel again! Haha But noooo....I have to behave! In fairness to me, I haven’t bought anything related to my 2011 travel plans! Haha

Again, I will shop vicariously through others. Leave me a message if you purchase any of my suggestion please. =)

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