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Sunday, August 21, 2011

General Santos or Gensan is known for 2 things – tuna and Manny Pacquiao. I was going through my archives and saw photos of my trip to Gensan in 2007. I was there for work since I was part of the team asked to cover the 9 day affair.

It was a treacherous yet absolutely fun trip! We were able to cover everything that needed to be covered and then some!

Footage of our work can be seen on OurPhilippines.Tv. Do watch the video first. Here are the some photos from the gabagillion events that happened during the festival.

Participants of the Fun Run.

Can you guess who was the sponsor? Haha

The Eco Karera
This is Gensan’s version of the Amazing Race. It was really tiring to shoot this while coordinating 2 camera teams! It was so inspiring to see some of the participants because they didn’t have specialized shoes, some of them just used sneakers but they were hauling their booties to finish first. Watch the video of the race here.

Gensan’s famous Port
This isn’t even 1/8 of the port. Their port is absolutely amazing and doesn’t even smell bad! What kind of fish port is not stinky? The port reminded me of SBMA (Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority) because of its wide roads, cleanliness and order.

Sea Creature in the Sky kites
Kites in the sky! I also saw this adorable kid, hi!!!

Karagatan Awards
This is one of my fave events. The Karagatan Awards gives due recognition to the fishermen of Gensan. It's a good boost to the people who are important to the city =) They choose 10 winners every year and it's like "Wish Ko Lang" because they get ssssooooo many gifts.

MASSIVE Tuna Belly

It was also my first time to try ostrich meat, it tasted like beef!

We also visited neighboring Sarangani Province. This was pure bliss because it entailed no work! We were there to explore, experience and enjoy!

When we visited, this place was still called South Point. Now it has been transformed to Lemlunay Resort. Lakwatseras Kim and Mj visited this splendid scuba diving haven this year.

Welcome to the pristine beaches of Gumasa in Sarangani! The water was clear and the sand was mighty fine – foot scrub anyone? We spent the afternoon here and I enjoyed every minute of it. Gumasa rivals the beauty if Boracay and Bohol.

One of the top 10 best adventures of my life would have to be the white water tubing experience in Sarangani. The people I was with remember my mighty wipeout here! I don’t hide it, it really was colossal! I was underwater for a good number of seconds and when I finally popped back up, my helmet was on the side of my head. Yes, that was how strong the “washing machine” area was.

I really don’t have a lot of information about the trip and I do apologize. I just really wanted to share the photos! Do visit OurPhilippines.Tv for more videos and information about Gensan, Sarangani and a lot of destinations in the country!

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* Additional photos from Bernadette Young.

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