Choosing a "kaladkarin" path

Sunday, November 08, 2009

We all play a hand at shaping our fate. Some people chose a certain path and reap benefits that I ache and long for. I’ve chosen my path; turned my head away from the things I missed out and relish in the life I’m living. We are all lucky to be living in this day and age wherein traveling is more attainable. I have been extremely blessed to have visited a lot of beautiful and “for-the-vault” places; have the support of the people around me and have travel buddies (and girlfriend, hahaha) who are willing to share the adventure with me.

I’ve had a resurgence of inspiration for travel. Since I’m a bit of a research whore, I’d like to share some helpful tactics to make researching less tedious and frustrating.

1. Patience.
Do you want a good deal? Be ready to work for it. Equip yourself with this before you go on research mode and you should be fine.

2. Know the writer.
Or at least know the character of the writer. What’s affordable for Joanna may not be affordable for you. Does the writer have the same traveling style or preferences as you? The same goes with forums – users of PeX (Pinoy Exchange) are different from the ones at GirlTalk.

3. Have an archive.
Gathering information is pretty extreme – you either love it or hate it. It gets tiring when you have to do it over and over and over again. While googling for a trip to Gensan you come across a fabulous entry about Davao, keep it. You never know if you’ll end on that page again especially when site hopping. What’s more difficult, copy and pasting the link in a word/notepad file or racking your brain to remember link?

4. Quality over quantity.
This is actually my mantra for a lot of things in life. Choose which pages you will need and save. Don’t save each and every page you encounter. When you start going through the 659 links you archived, you get overwhelmed and will need a chill pill.

5. Share the burden.
Obviously this is only applicable if you are NOT traveling alone. Haha We are all busy with work, family and life in general. Give out research assignments! Anya researches on food while accommodations are handled by Sophie and so on and so forth.

What other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Spill!

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