Food tripping at Dusit Thani Manila

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(Sorry for neglecting this blog! I've been kaladkad by work so haven't had the proper time to post.)

Last July (how delayed is this post??), I was Tin's date to a work function at Dusit Thani Manila. I also know Danelle of Dusit so I knew it was going to be a fun event. Dusit Thani treated Manila's food publications and magazines to a gastronomic journey that it had to offer.

Warning, do not read this post on an empty stomach. You'll just
ache for Dusit's fabulous food.

We started things with refreshments at the Lobby Lounge and had small talk with the other, uhm, willing participants. We transferred to Dusit’s Japanese restaurant Umu. Chef Rommel Soliman gave a short cooking demo and asked the hesitant volunteers to take a shot at making sushi (we were still warming up to each other). Chef Soliman presented us with special fusion sushi creations. I’ve been claiming that I was an Italian headhunter in my previous life so it’s not a surprise that my bias was with the Mozzarella with Garlic Cheese Roll. Ok, it’s not exactly sushi! Hahaha Even though my palette couldn’t take the heat, the tempura spicy roll ranked second in my book.

Clockwise from the top: Tempura Spicy Roll, Mozzarella with Garlic Cheese Roll, Soft Shell Crab Sushi, Lapu-lapu with Herb Sauce, Foie Gras with Balsamic Vinegar

I’ve been to Benjarong for Events Inc in the past so I was excited to be back. I loved every dish that was served. As hinted at earlier, I like spicy food but I just cant take the heat. I’d eat bites of spicy food only to be followed by gulps and gulps of water after. I had the Yam Pla Duk Foo in Bangkok last year so this was a sentimental fave. Benjarong’s signature Tom Yam Gung made me sweat but it was worth every sip. Tin and I weren’t even able to wipe out our plate. We were alarmed…we were getting full and this was just the second stop.

On my plate: Phad Thai,Catfish Salad, Yam Pla Duk Foo

Spicy! Tom Yum Gung

My (feeling) hometown cuisine was next at Tosca. I almost died and went to dessert heaven. The presentation was charming and I couldn’t wait. I was savoring each spoonful and for the first time, it was a 3-way tie. I loved them all. Ok fine, dessert has always been my kryptonite.

Bottom to top: Chocolate Mouse, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu and Amaretto

The boardroom was next on our list. I wasn’t foreign to it since Danelle and I toured the area previously for another Events Inc shoot. The hotel showcased another facet of their property. It included more food! Our group hardly touched the assortment of cookies and cheesecake since we were full to the brim. I couldn’t resist though, and took in two cookies.

Photo from Dusit Thani

We visited the infamous Devarana Spa. It radiated of steadiness and bliss. We crossed our fingers and toes to have a sampling of the spa but we knew it was asking waaaay too much. A trip to Devarana should be a gift to oneself or someone special at least five times in your lifetime. I’m still waiting for someone to give me that gift. Haha

The photos don't do justice to the spa. It's far prettier inside.

We passed by the hotel gym DFit and ended the night by the pool. Danelle surprised us with more gifts but this time we had to work for it. It was a fantastic end to the tour and definitely a good group to enjoy it with.

Oh, did I mention the tour came with a mandatory (hahaha) stay at the hotel?

Our suite had 2 toilets and a living room. Hehe

Another entry to the “This is the Life!” vault. Don’t you just love it? So, who will you "drag" to Dusit? Gracias, Tin!

P.S. We even had brunch at Basix the next day! Mwahaha!

I thought this was a blueberry pastry but was pleasantly surprised to find out it was chocolate. This baby exceeded my expectations. =)

Dusit Thani Manila
Edsa cor. Pasay Rd. Ayala Center Makati City
02- 8673333

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  1. A good way to ensure a great hotel gym is to check out (launching in several weeks) before you leave for your next trip. Also be sure to write reviews about the facility.

  2. i love dusit as well! from ther room, to the food,to the hospitality. paak na paak! ♥


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