Sunset sessions at Firefly Roofdeck Bar

Monday, May 20, 2019

Summer is one of the best times to hang out at rooftop bars/restaurants because there is a low chance of rain. It may be haaaaawt but hopefully you go on a windy day to curb the humidity.

My first rooftop experience was at Bayan Tree Hotel in Bangkok in 2008. I remember wishing we had these back home. It took a few years and Metro Manila has a couple. I've only been to a few. I've visited Verona Rooftop Lounge in Mandaluyong, Bayleaf Hotel in Manila, and Ace Water Spa’s Sky High Bar in Pasig. This is the first one I've visited in Makati.

There are actually several options in Makati. We first went to Antidote in I’m Hotel but they had a strict age limit and we had a baby with us. We were there for the view more than for the drinks. We went across to City Garden Grand Hotel and headed up to Firefly Roofdeck Bar instead.

I love how the light hits the city in this photo.

Family friendly, babies are welcome!

Guests of the hotel have access to the pool.

As always, I highly suggest arriving at around 4-5 PM in order to see the view during the day and at night -  2 birds with one stone. 

Hello I’m Hotel

The curvy Pasig River in frame. 

Waiting for the sun to set.

Bye sun!

This is a view I don't see often. Some of the photos in this post are admittedly not sharp and that's my fault for not having a tripod or steady hands. Look at that color though, I just had to share. 

Don't wait for the rainy season to come! Head on up and check out a rooftop restaurant or bar while the view is clear. It is lovely to see the city from this perspective.


Firefly Roofdeck Bar
32nd Floor City Garden Grand Hotel, Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue Makati 

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