More reason to come back to The Old Swiss Inn Restaurant

Friday, May 10, 2019

I’ve associated the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant with special occasions. As a kid our family would celebrate a birthday or my parent’s wedding anniversary there. As an adult, my foodie barkada and I had our annual Christmas reunion there not too long ago.

In the fickle restaurant industry when one has been open for a decade – that’s quite an achievement. The Old Swiss Inn Restaurant has been around since 1946 – now that is quite a feat. Many regulars of the restaurant swear that their iconic dishes have tasted the same. How’s that for consistency?

One new thing they are introducing though is their Scamorza cheese. Just like you, I had no idea what it was since I am not fluent in cheese. It’s actually a smokier version of the mozzarella. I was intrigued, mozza but smokier? I am in! Old Swiss Inn teamed up with Pinkie’s Farm to make their version of Scamorza.

Scamorza Fondue (P1100)
Cheese fondue made from apple smoked cheese and tomatoes. Served with bread and apples. 
This was my first taste of Scamorza. It was exactly as described – it was indeed a smokier cheese that reminded me of bacon. Do the traditional fondue and use bread cubes but you can also surprise your palette by dipping apple slices instead. The acidity of the apple lessens the saltiness of the cheese. The gooey texture of the cheese and crisp texture of the apple compliments each other. 

Scamorza Skillet (P380)
Back to back Scamorza experiences! I was pleasantly surprised by the skillet. Since I tried the cheese for the first time with the fondue, I expected it to have a similar profile but it didn’t! If the Scamorza could talk it said “You think you know me but you don’t Rica!”. I expected it to have a stronger in-your-face flavour profile like the fondue but it had a quieter yet flavorful taste to the cheese. The cherry tomatoes neutralized that smokiness of the cheese and the bacon bits helped tie together everything. 

Gnagi (P768)
Cured pork knuckles, baked or boiled, served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes
This is one of their signature dishes and it’s easy to taste why. The pork is lightly seasoned and soft while the skin is so crunchy that you can hear it when you bite it.

Grilled Scamorza Cheese with Corned Beef (P450)
Smoky cheese and their famous corned beef level-ups the usual grilled cheese sandwich
P450 for a sandwich? It is quite pricey to look at but you need to realize that it is about quality. It uses REAL corned beef and none of those we see in cans. The whole sandwich tasted pretty good – heck even the bread was amazing. The corned beef was so soft it felt like pieces of thread.

Fresh Corned Beef (P690)
The Old Swiss Inn was one of the first restaurants to bring European food to the country. and this is the best-selling dish on their menu. As mentioned above, this is actually what real corned beef looks and tastes like. This was indeed another first for me. The broth reminds me of our own Nilaga, it is lightly seasoned accompanied by boiled potatoes and cabbages. I appreciate that everything else was kept light to make the beef the star of the dish. You focus on how amazing the quality of the beef is, how tender it is and how flavorful this seemingly simple piece of meat actually is.

Toblerone Double Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream (P350)
Double dark chocolate cookies with pockets of molten Toblerone Double Dark Chocolate crisp edges, and a soft chewy center topped with vanilla ice cream
I gave up chocolate and booze for lent. I was at Old Swiss Inn a week after Easter and OH MY GOD this was one of the best things to break that fast. You guys know how much I love dessert and chocolate and this dish made me deliriously happy. I was doing my happy dance y’all. Be warned that it is definitely sweet. It is as if you are treated to 2 types of dessert because the center is gooier while the outer portion had a “cookie-er” consistency. It even gets a bit crispier and burnt at the edges which I also adored. This is best shared with people because it maybe too much sweetness for one person. 

I had no plans of working out that day but with all the amazing food we consumed, I needed to pay for my sins. One thing was for sure, all the calories consumed were worth it. Did I mention they are open 24 hours? Oh yeah! 

There are so many restaurants that are popping up in the city. Instead of checking out whatever “it” restaurant is being celebrated, how about coming back to an already amazing one? Take your parents or grandparents to reminisce about your Old Swiss Inn memories or create new ones with your kids or pamangkins. Any time good food is around, great memories are sure to follow. It’s the perfect time to make a reservation for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! 

The Old Swiss Inn Restaurant
Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue, Makati (beside the Peninsula Hotel)

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