YDG Coffee is easily my favorite spot in Mandaluyong

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Do you know how much I love this place? If it were walking distance from my house I would be here several times in a week. That would mean bad news for my waistline since I’ve been trying to eat better but it is a worthy temptation and reward on a cheat day.

Their first branch was in Makati but this Mandaluyong hub is their flagship store. I’ve always been a fan of natural light and YDG Coffee is engulfed by it. Ikea like interiors is fuss free and many use YDG to work. 

I honestly had high expectations for their coffee since it is known to be one of the city’s best. 

Iced White Mocha
If you appreciate your coffee with a lot of milk, this is the drink for you. 

PB Latte (P150)
peanut butter, honey, milk, espresso
Make sure to mix the glass good to get all the flavors. I didn’t mix mine well which is why I only tasted a hint of peanut butter. 

Mocha Negra (P140)
77% Auro dark chocolate, espresso, milk
This particular glass packs a strong dose of coffee. The chocolate they use is also on the bitter side. This is one cup that purists may enjoy. 

Iced Mocha 
Coffee and chocolate done right! This is a wilder version of the Mocha Negra and if you find the previous one too extra, you’ll love this. 

Honey Wake Up (P150)
honey, milk, cinnamon, espresso
I’m allowed to have favorites and this is it. I love cinnamon and this tasted extra yummy for me because of cinnamon. Also, this kind of coffee drink is common making it a concoction to definitely go back for. 

BLT (P220)
coffee-cured pork belly, lettuce, tomato
I love me some bacon and YDG’s version tasted more like ham. Nevertheless the layers of flavours of the sandwich worked well together from the sweetness of the jam to saltiness of the pork belly.

Tuna Melt (P250)
english muffin, grain mustard, tuna, mayonnaise, pickles, cheese crust
A typical tuna sandwich is heavy on mayo and I don’t like that. YDG’s version is like nothing I’ve ever had – it’s not drenched in mayo and the cheese they used made such a difference.

Creamy Mushroom Tuna (P240)

Pumpkin w/coffee cured pork belly (P260)
creamy pumpkin sauce, coffee-cured porky belly, cherry tomatoes 
If there’s one thing you need to try on your visit, this is it. This is a comforting plate of pasta just like pumpkin soup. The dish is a bit heavy but not overpowering at all. The pork was tender and the creaminess of the sauce matched perfectly with the pork. 

They use thick real tablea yo!

They have cookies and bars too.

The other thing that made the sandwiches delicious for me was the bread they used. The consistency, texture and taste were spot on. It elevated the sandwiches. 

There were hits and some misses here but the good ones definitely make up for it. Simply put when you have great legitimate coffee and get-in-my-tummy amazing food you basically have a winner. YDG Coffee is exactly that for me.

YDG (Your Daily Grind) Coffee
Mandala Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong

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