Free Themed Walking Tours to enjoy in UP Diliman

Monday, March 11, 2019

If you’ve been following the blog for a while (Salamat Po!) you know I’m a fan of walking tours. What more FREE walking tours? Yaaaaaaas!

UP Asian Institute of Tourism is offering 5 different types of walking tours until March 29, 2019 at UP Diliman with the Lakad Gunita Themed Walking Tours. You’ll discover a new theme every day.
Monday: Bird Watching
Tuesday: UP in Philippine History
Wednesday: Art and Architecture
Thursday: Flowers, Trees, Etc. 
Friday: Historical buildings in UP

No surprise here, I joined the Wednesday Art and Architecture tour. There are a LOT of significant pieces and contributions by National Artists around the Diliman campus but this tour focused on pieces around the Academic Oval. 3 hours is insufficient to cover everything which is why they chose to focus on one area. 

I don’t want to give too much away so you can enjoy it yourself. The guides were engaging and knowledgeable. They handled the questions from the crowd well. 

I know I’m old already because teenage me would think “This is old” period. Now I can appreciate the history and design of these buildings. 

It gave me an opportunity to go around UP once more to shoot so yay!

The original Oblation can be found in the library. The one in front of Quezon Hall is a replica since the original sculpture’s material is not fit for the outdoors. 

With bias, the Vargas Museum is one of my favorite spots. The museum has a lot of Amorsolos! 

The sun showed up around 3:30 PM so make sure to dress comfortably, bring water, and an umbrella.

 Don’t forget to have merienda after the walk. 

Go and take one of these tours if you would like to try something new, learn, or simply enjoy an afternoon or morning in the UP Campus. I am hoping they have this again next year featuring another section of the school. 

Full disclosure, UP Diliman is one of my favorite schools to visit because of the mix of nature, art, and food. It’s easy for me to say yes to revisit the campus. The photo walk was an afternoon well spent for me. I felt like the old me again because I was with good people, learned new things, and was able to shoot once more. Photography time and time again is one of the things that truly recharges and centers me. 

Additional Photo from Ian Villar.

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