Palm Grill brings Mindanao food to Metro Manila

Thursday, October 11, 2018

I know very little about food from Mindanao in all honesty. A trip to Zamaboanga in 2011 exposed me to a distinctively Mindanaoan dish - Satti. It was the one dish that I gravitated towards and absolutely loved.

Palm Grill entered my realm because of a sponsored post on Facebook. (Congrats guys, it was effective!) It stood out because it offered Satti and I wasn't aware of restaurants in Manila that had it. My face lit up and I knew I had to go out of my way to try it. Together with Erx who was the reason I was able to visit Zamboanga in the first place, we scheduled a lunch date. Come on, I could not imagine myself going with someone else. 

The exterior of the restaurant had a disconnect with the interiors. It looked meeeeh. It made me wonder, is this correct place? However once you step inside, it's a different story.

Natural sunlight fills the space beautifully and y'all know I am a massive fan of natural light. The uncomplicated and cosy tropical interiors are inviting and emanate such great energy.

The Green Chicken Duo (P390)
Slow cooked in coconut milk and Asian spices then grilled to perfection
There's a reason this chicken dish is one of their best sellers. It is a delicious combination of gata with different spices but I could taste it mostly with the sauce and the skin rather than the meat. The chicken was cooked well though, juicy and not dry. I would have loved more sauce though. We ordered the caulu rost side dish and expected it to be dry like marbled potatoes but it was a bit saucy and sour.

Chicken Satti (P200)
Spicy thick soup with sticky riceballs served with grilled chicken wings and legs
This was the reason why we came! We missed Satti from our Zamboanga trip. Honestly, I do not remember how that Satti tasted but I remembered being overwhelmed with goodness. This didn’t have the same effect. I found the soup a bit too sweet for me and I don’t remember eating it with bones.

Coconut macaroons
This was the perfect end to our meal. It had balanced flavors of sweetness and tanginess and we loved it!

Palm Grill impressed me with its defined and strong brand personality. Its interiors, photos on social media, and layouts are cohesive. Any aspiring cafe or restaurant should follow them.

I also was hit a second time by their ad featuring events at the restaurant. This is another testament to their interior design because Palm Grill can look amazing for different occasions without that much difficulty. It is pretty obvious that their team is gifted and creative. Just look at these parties! 

Erx almost booked Palm Grill for her daughter's party because they had great packages and even with minimal styling, the place looked awesome. Too bad they were already booked on the day Erx wanted.

We used Eatigo which gave us a 30% discount. Our meal may not be a landslide win in flavors but I still want come back to try the other dishes. Palm Grill deserves your attention. Male the time to give this gem a shot. It happily ticks off my boxes for good food, airy ambiance, and value for money. Really, how often do you come across cuisine like this here in Metro Manila?

* Additional photos from Palm Grill.


Palm Grill
179 Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Scout Castor, Quezon City

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