Heaven and Sole with Aere Shoes

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I've extensively chronicled my search for comfortable flats on the blog throughout the years. Today I add another chapter. I'm ecstatic to share that I've found the comfiest ballet flats to date. 

When I discovered double padded ballet flats, anything else felt like stepping on paper. Aere Shoes ups the game with TRIPLE padding and now my double padded flats felt like paper.

They really are the comfiest pair I've come across and priced reasonably. There is extra cushion for your toes, arch and your heels. Aere Shoes prides itself in styles that are stylish and classic. Their signature padding can also be enjoyed with their sandals AND sneakers. 

One challenge I've noticed with my Grace ballet flats is that it tends to be slippery when raining. If that's something that can be adjusted in the future, that would be awesome. I wish they would also make ballet flats in red, blue, silver, and gold to complete my collection.

Best to order as soon as you see something you like because most styles have a limited run. Their size chart is extensive making it easy to find your size.

I wish they had more styles so I could hoard more pairs. What makes Aere more awesome is the fact that it's a local brand. I cannot stress enough how amazing  these ballet flats are. I've fallen in love with this brand and have been talking about it extensively. Do try on a pair, they are life changing I swear.

* Additional photos from Aere Shoes

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