Day Trip Island Hopping in Pagbilao, Quezon

Thursday, April 27, 2017

You’ve seen where I stayed for this weekend getaway and now, here’s what we did. We started our trip late around 11 AM which meant we couldn’t stay long in all 4 spots. You have the option to visit these islands for the day or go camping just like in Burot Beach. I chose the first one.

First Stop: Bilaran Sandbar
There really is nothing to do here but marvel at its beauty. We were lucky we had amazing weather and so we got this. Honestly, this view alone made the day worth it. It was serene and gorgeous. It helped that at around noon, no one was there and we were able to have this all to ourselves. Best to check what the best time to visit is with your boat man.
Hi Bilaran Sandbar!!!

Second Stop: Kwebang Lampas
It was my first time here and Lui did mention that a lot has changed over the past years. The island has gotten more popular and on a weekend in January, there were a lot of people. Boats aren’t allowed to dock in front of the beach but lo and behold, a lot of them were parked there.

Kwebang Lampas is a popular spot for campers.

There is a small sari-sari store and a few facilities on the island.

How gorgeous are those trees? This was the bathroom but I did not look inside.

Pretty good sand and water quality y’all.

We only stayed here for lunch because of the crowd. Expect to pay for entrance fees, camping fees and such once you arrive.

Please eat Pancit Habhab! I loooove it.

Third Stop: Dampalitan Island
Now this was more of my island. You can camp on this island too but the crowd is considerably thinner. I love that there are a lot of trees around where I can go for shelter when the sun would get too much for me.

You can set camp under the trees, very Anawangin feels.

The other side of the island is rocky. Walk with caution, I cut my foot here.

I love that the shore is not littered with people or boats. You feel like a part of the island is just yours.

The sand may not be as white as Kwebang Lampas but the water is as clear.

Fourth Stop: Borawan Island
It was already 4 PM when we were in the vicinity of Borowan so we skipped it. I knew that with the sun setting, I would not be able to photograph it and do it justice. There were more campers here than in Dampalitan but less than Kwebang Lampas.

One little booboo we had, our boat didn’t have a cover. That was it. Since I have sensitive skin, I got sunburnt. Try to bring something to cover yourself with in case you have sensitive skin like me.

On our way home Pagbilao gave us an amazing sunset.

I was scheduled to do more on my 2nd day in Pagbilao but it started to rain. I decided to just relax at home instead. There are other things that you can enjoy in Pagbilao and once you’ve booked with Lui, he would be happy to help you out. Here are other places you can visit:
- Bantakay Falls
- Bantakay Cave
- Karinay Falls
- Kilait-Lubi Falls
- Lumiliay Falls
- Magsaysay Falls
- Cueva Santa
- Malusak Cave

Now THAT was a good weekend. Our expenses and accommodations for the weekend are posted here. If you need a quick beach getaway from Manila, Pagbilao is 4 hours away and should be on your list.

* Additional photos from Lui Yanoria.

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