The scaredy-cat goes skydiving in Auckland

Thursday, July 07, 2016

You see that woman jumping out of the plane? That's partially-afraid-of-heights me so that's why this is a big deal. I've taken on my fear of heights again.

I've shared a bunch of milestones with you guys here on the blog. You've read about my struggles, dreams, and even the fulfillment of these dreams. This is one milestone I whole heartedly and excitedly want to share.

I visited New Zealand last March primarily to spend time with one of my besties, the Fish, Owee. I won't be posting NZ articles yet but this one is special, I had to share it immediately.

I was contemplating if I could muster the courage to either skydive or bungee jump. I felt like having a professional with you AT ALL times was good enough reason to pick skydiving. I also figured, "Ok Rics, it's now or never. If you don't do this now you might never get the courage to do it again." 

I wanted to get it over with and scheduled my dive on my first weekend in Auckland. I was a ball of nervous energy before the jump. It was ridiculous.

Owee, her hubby Richard, and my friend Donnie were all there to support me and "cover" this day. Want to see what happened to me? Did I cry? Did I puke? I edited this video of my Skydive Auckland experience!

I was freaking out in my head before the jump. When you do jump, it's not frightening at all! You feel the rush of the wind and the speed.
I remember shouting the whole time during the start of the free fall. I had to stop because my mouth was starting to dry.
I was lucky that I had a fantastic tandem partner, Billy. He had such a positive aura about him which helped my nervousness. He shot amazing footage of the jump! He even made the camera mount on his wrist.
My friend Donnie is a skydiver and was allowed to jump with me which is why I have so much footage of my jump. Pretty lucky indeed!
Sheer jubilation
This was me when I landed. I can honestly say I haven't been this happy in a really long time.
Would I do it again? Hell yes! I even want to take lessons if there were SAFE lessons here and I could really practice jumping. I also felt more confident like I could do more things in life since I survived jumping out of a plane.

I was super spoiled because I had photo and video coverage of THE ENTIRE THING. It felt like my birthday because there was so much attention (and cameras) on me which I’m not used to – I’m a behind-the-scenes kinda woman. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for that day. It was one of the BEST things I've ever done and one of the best days of my adult life. Skydiving (sans Owee of course) made the trip worth it!  New Zealand will always have an extra dose of love from me because of this.

Thank you for making this day wonderful. All the amazing videos and photos from this post came from these peeps:

Billy of Skydive Auckland
Donnie Banez
Owee Salva-Yulo of Cartwheel Images
Richard Yulo

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