Singapore Part 4: Follow in my footsteps!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I was in the Lion City to fulfill my high school dream of watching an F1 race. I let go of that dream a couple of years back and never thought it could happen so I was overflowing with joy. How serendipitous could things be that the race was held during my birthday?!?

Singapore Grand Prix

Sentosa Luge Track

I’m half chicken sometimes and the Luge at Sentosa made me nervous but I had my own Schumacher moment going down the hill. You can control your speed so you are your own gauge.

Songs of the Sea at Sentosa
This show is primarily for kids but everyone will surely appreciate it. It was humid but it didn’t stop us from being enthralled. It’s best to plop yourself on the fourth row to minimize getting wet. Sure you’ll still get wet but not as wet as being in the first row.

The Park!
“Wala lang day”: a verb meaning doing nothing usually surrounded by nature.

I love wala lang days. =) I wish we had more parks in the country since it’s one of the things I loved about Singapore. We took an excursion to one of the parks in the Marina Square area. It reminded me of the beach side community I used to see in US movies or TV shows. I can imagine spending weekends at the park with family and friends if I lived here. I wish we had more parks in here in the country.

G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing
This is the Extreme Swing

It was a momentous birthday. Did I mention we also did the G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing? Oh and I’m semi-kinda-sorta afraid of heights. You have the option to ride the Reverse Bungee (S$45) or the Swing (S$40) or get both for S$60.

The reverse Bungee. Now you see us, now you dont! haha

It’s worth every Singapore dollar I spent. It’s one of those things I’m glad I did but won’t do it again. Hahaha Abso-freaking-lutely unforgettable!

This ends my memories of Singapore. This stroll down birthday lane made me miss Nix more and want to go back with the clan again. So many things have mushroomed in Singapore since my visit and I’m ready to take them on.

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