4 Reasons why you need a custom Hue Love Prints pouch in your life

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Earlier this year, Hue Love Prints introduced another item to our family - our custom pouches. I have all sorts of coin purses and pouches in my closet so creating my own line was an easy decision.

Why do I love pouches?

They force you to carry just what you need
When I need to make a quick run to buy something, I just pop in my wallet, keys, and my phone in the pouch and I'm good to go. This is useful for a lot of people doing errands or even office based people that are heading out for lunch. Since my pouches have a strap, it makes carrying so much easier as well.

You get organized

If you are like me with a huge bag, organizers and pouches are heaven sent. They keep your bag in order without the trouble of playing finders keepers every time you look for something in your bag.

Pouches help you find things  

The photos of the pouches in this post are mostly monogrammed pouches or pouches with names. You can get creative and label your own pouches for what you intend to use them for! Label a pouch "makeup", "documents", etc. The possibilities are endless.

You can get personal

Ok this isn't pouch related but I do love customizing things! I see my pouch from a distance and because it has my name or initial, I know it's mine.

Each pouch is made of nylon and for now is being sold at an introductory price of P100. We have 131 designs available and you can see the entire collection here.

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