Sheer gorgeousness and deliciousness at Bohol Bee Farm’s Buzzz Cafe

Thursday, April 21, 2016

During the 2008 Bohol trip with Owee, we passed by Bohol Bee Farm because we heard it was a beautiful place. We did the tour, took a lot of photos on the property, and bought a lot of pasalubong for the family. One thing we didn’t do was eat there.

The Buzzz Cafe was on my non-negotiable things to do in Bohol and was my first stop. Bohol Bee Farm’s restaurant has several branches in Bohol already but there’s a different allure and vibe when you dine at the resort overlooking the ocean.

Isn’t she a beauty?

Complimentary cassava chips, bread and spreads
Green tomatoes and parmesan salsa, pesto mango spread

I took a liking to the cassava chips and the green tomatoes with parmesan combo. I’m used to having red tomatoes with salsa but this one was a good change. I loved that it was light with hints of salt and cheese.
Honey Cinnamon Frost (P150)
It was difficult to decide what to drink at Buzzz Cafe. I normally don’t order a drink anymore but I knew I JUST HAD TO. When was the next time I was going to be here? Their list of juices sounded refreshingly fantastic but I needed coffee so I tried this concoction. It tasted more like a sweet shake than a coffee drink. I was hoping it would have more coffee than sugar. For people who like it sweet, you will love this.
Organic Garden Salad (P220 – single)
Fresh picked assorted romaine lettuce, radish, turnips, mustard greens and indigenous flowers served with honey mustard salad dressing.
I must confess, this was the reason why I wanted to eat at Buzzz Cafe because it was too pretty! They use only the freshest of vegetables and flowers and it definitely made a difference.  The salad dressing had the right balance of tanginess and sweetness tying all the ingredients perfectly together.  Not only is this salad gorgeous, it was freaking delicious.
Fish Tacos (P220)
The fish tacos could easily pass for chicken or pork to me. It was seasoned exceptionally and was packed with flavour. I loved the saltiness with a slight spicy kick that it gave. Combine that with the freshness of the vegetables and the crunch of the cabcab and you’ve got yourself a winner rich in texture.
I was too full to try their ice cream, muffins and bread. Heck, I was alone! If you still have the tummy capacity to eat more, do so! You can also take home some of their goodies as pasalubong!
I only have praises for Buzzz Cafe. It’s such a great restaurant that I forgot that it’s actually organic and healthy. Don’t be intimidated by its healthy ways; they have dishes with rice, meat, pasta, and even have pizza. You’ll find something to love for everyone, even the kid! If you’re scheduling a trip to Bohol, you won’t regret stopping by Buzzz Cafe.

Buzzz Cafe at Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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