Brunching at UCC Clockwork Estancia

Friday, April 15, 2016

Yes, I’ve reached that age wherein brunches are my thang plus I really do love breakfast food! One thing I adore about having Capitol Commons in my neighborhood is that it gave birth to a lot of restaurants. 

When you step inside UCC Clockwork, you will notice the difference. I love the rustic interiors with hints of travel. With good weather, the sun shines brightly inside the café adding to the cozy vibe. 

Kori kohi (P220)
Cold brew sumiyaki ice cubes, warm milk and syrup
It was my first time to try coffee cubes with warm milk. Visually, it was a gorgeous set but it unfortunately lacks in taste. It was a pinch too bland for my liking. 

Threesome Breakfast (P380)
Angus sukiyaki beef tapa, pork tocino, garlic longganisa, garlic rice with two eggs
I wish I had better words for this engaging threesome but unfortunately I don’t. This set overwhelms you with the amount of food served rather than its flavor. This could feed 2 girls with average appetites. 

Beef Hash Benedict (P320)
Corn muffin, beef hash, béchamel, poached egg, arugula and house salad
When you read the description, you’d expect a bunch of flavors because of all the ingredients included. Like the Threesome Breakfast, this dish could have used more seasoning.

Clockwork Cookie Cup Scream (P190)
Dark chocolate chip cookie with melted white chocolate topped with green tea ice cream
Perhaps the best thing I had for brunch was this. I loved how the dark chocolate sweetness worked seamlessly with the green tea ice cream.

I know it may seem like I didn’t love my time at UCC Clockwork but I want to go back. Despite the lackluster showing, I still want to try their other dishes. Plus a bunch of family and friends had good reviews of it. I will be back to try more food, coffee, and cocktails.

UCC Clockwork
GF Estancia, Capitol Commons, Pasig City

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