I survived my first 3 day juice cleanse

Monday, April 04, 2016

2015 was the year I decided to have better eating habits and to exercise more. One of the things I wanted to do in line with that quest was to do a juice cleanse once a quarter. I finally made the commitment to do one and I prepared myself for this challenge. 

I wanted to do cleanse because I wanted to reboot my system. I did not eat a lot of vegetables and I know the amount of junk that I put in my body. I felt like I needed to flush out the toxins one way or another and perhaps cleansing would be good for me.

I tried Healthy Monsters’ program because it had 3 juices. I knew that if I took only 1 type of juice for 3 days, I would be bored and hate it. I expected the juices to taste more like vegetables but they actually tasted more like juices similar to Tipco’s vegetable juices.


What I learned from the cleanse:
1. You need to be prepared.
I was physically and mentally prepared. Months before I did my cleanse, I adjusted my portions and added vegetables to my diet. I think this helped me a lot with the cleanse. I also prepared myself mentally committing to this project and refusing to cheat.
2. It didn’t make me cranky.
With no solid food, I really expected to be cranky the whole time but I wasn’t. I was never HANGRY. I did however adjust my activities by making sure I worked mostly at home or the office only. I didn’t bombard my schedule with a lot of errands to reserve my energy for brain power. When I do my next cleanse, I will try to up my activity and maybe even do a workout.
3. I am capable of NOT overeating.
I encountered a few hunger pangs but drinking a bottle every 2.5-3 hours curbed that. I never felt famished during the cleanse but I did miss munching on solid food. I was capable of not overeating because with just the juices, I felt fine. I also noticed that since my stomach adjusted to my food intake, my food consumption post cleanse was considerably less than my pre-cleanse intake.

If you’re planning to do a cleanse, research first. There are different kinds out there and it is best to find something that would help you with your goal. With any cleanse, it is natural to lose weight because your caloric intake is considerably less. You will gain back what you lost after a few weeks as you go back to eating normally. Hopefully, the cleanse will help you get rid of your toxins and make healthier eating decisions. The cleanse helped me reboot my system and trained me not to over eat. It’s up to you if the changes post cleanse will stick or not.

I may not be at my goal weight and strength yet and I admit my progress is very slow. It’s been a year since I started my quest and I am only at 65% of my goal. I’ve made minor to medium changes to my lifestyle thus the results. I know that if I want more results, I need to implement and give up more – but I’m not yet there. The journey has been frustrating especially since my plateau but it is my journey and my pace.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with gym averse and carnivore me? I’d love to hear about them at the comments below. 

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