Liquid Veggies

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh yeah, you read that right. I'm giddy again. Whenever I try anything THAT great I get giddy; not just emotionally but literally. I get all smiley, start humming nonsensical things and bob my head.

So yeah, as I've mentioned in my Salad post, this girl AIN'T a fan of vegetables. I've heard about Tipco's line of vegetables juices but was too weirded out about it. Admittedly, I was a tad ignorant as well since I didn't do anything.

However when I did start to read up and learn about Tipco, I was intrigued. I tried the solo pack first of the Mixed Vegetable version and was surprised - it tasted JUST like fruit juice. My excitement took a couple of hits when I saw the contents - it HAD juice. This combination is of course understandable since it easily masks the taste of vegetables. I purposely chose variants that had more than 50% vegetables in them. If you get one that had more fruit in it, then that just feels like a lie!

My dad and I have been obsessing about these juices from Thailand and we're loving them. Imagine giving this to your kids, they think they're downing yummy tummy juice when in fact they're actually absorbing some good veggies as well. Tipco is of course NOT a substitute for the real thing - I for one think it's a good source of vegetables (especially for veggie haters like me) and a good alternative to fruit juices.

I read somewhere it doesn't contain sugar, that nugget of information is unconfirmed though. I went to their website and it was in Thai.

Aloe Vera (6/10)
Is Aloe Vera a vegetable?? It screams beauty product to me. It contains the most vegetables with 70% Aloe Vera in the mix. The white grape isn't predominant; this flavor is good for people taking C-lium since it has minced gel giving the juice texture.

Mixed Vegetables (8/10)
With 65% veggie power in it, this flavor is delish. It sides with the citrus family with 25% orange juice in it. This is a drink that can accompany any meal of the day. The fact that there's more vegetables than fruit in this carton gives it additional points.

Pure Carrot and Mixed Fruit Juice (7/10)
This is the one I loved the most but was disappointed to know that it had just 50% vegetables compared to the other flavor. My point in drinking vegetable juice is to have more vegetables in my system. I'm a lover of the berry team and gravitated toward this flavor. Is it bad that I think mixing this with Vodka would be awesome?? Hahaha

Tipco juices available in leading department stores. P90-100++

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  1. ooohh i'll try this since i don't eat veggies :p

  2. go for it! =) hindi ko alam kung gaano "kadaming" veggies ang natutulong sa system ko but i'd like to believe that it does. hahaha masarap pa. =)

  3. sinubukan ni mj yung kiwi and grape.. isang lagok lang at umayaw na! hahaha

  4. seryosoo???????? mas lasa syang fruit juice para sakin. hahaha

  5. where to get this juices, Tipco? I work in Makati, Rustan's? Landmark? SM?

    1. Hi Octobermic! Tipco is available in leading supermarkets already. From personal experience, I've seen them in SM and Robinsons Supermarkets. =)


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