Forget your worries at Trampoline Park Greenfield

Thursday, April 07, 2016

We all have days, weeks, and even phases of struggle. Have you been feeling awful lately? I’ve been dealing with some issues the past few months and for an hour on a Tuesday night; they all went away thanks to a bunch of trampolines.

It’s fairly simple – my cousins and I wanted to do something new and fun so we took a trampoline zumba class. What in the world is that?!? I had no idea what I was getting myself into even though I’ve been doing Zumba for a year on and off – it’s one of the exercises I truly enjoy.

It’s not zumba heavy, its jump heavy. The class was around 45 minutes and our instructor was patient with us. We were able to enjoy some of the trampolines after our class but it was bitin.

There are different areas in the park you can enjoy: basketball, volleyball, the foam pit (which I fondly call the Minion pit), and an area for parkour. Even though it was fun, it was a workout. My body felt sore the next day. It was a good way to exercise while having an amazing time.

As of writing, here are the rates at Trampoline Park:

Seriously, an hour of jumping around and feeling like a kid again gave me the happy pill I needed. Wouldn’t you want the same as well?

* Photos and video from Paola Angela and Cotton Villavicencio.

Trampoline Park Greenfield
1554, 107 Mayflower St, Mandaluyong City
(Near Pancake House and Starbucks)
02-5325849, 0905-4533879

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