Yahoo Links (July 21-27)

Monday, July 28, 2014

In my line of work, I am exposed to a lot of posts online. In fact if you see my FB page I’ve shared a lot. So let’s start a new weekly thang on the blog! I will share my favorite links of the week from Yahoo for all of you to enjoy as well.

Queen Elizabeth photobombs a selfie
Whaaaaat? The usually reserved Queen is seen cheekily photobombing a selfie. How awesome is that?

Birthday Ice Cream Cake
Cmon, combining 2 of my love in this easy recipe and I am sold!

7 Cuuuuute Kittens in 1 video
I don’t have pets but this adorable video of 7 kittens moving in sync is tooooo adorable!
Milkshake Bars in the Metro
Another food related post. Even if it’s been wet and cold, I still love milkshakes. I’ve tried Starrs and it is worth the calories. I can’t wait to try the other milkshake bars.

Get slim, Bollywood Style
This workout combines hip-hop and Bollywood dance moves. For my friends who love to dance, I think this is a good video to try. You enjoy and sweat the pounds away.  I’m this close to finding a full class version of this. Haha

* All photos from Yahoo PH.

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