A rather disappointing but hopeful meal at Lucca Bakery and Pizzeria

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SM Megamall’s new fashion hall is a fantastic addition to my neighborhood. It brings with it the arrival of new brands and restaurants. Indeed, exciting times! This is the first time I’m posting anything from the fashion hall. Let’s see what Lucca has to offer.
As I stepped in, Lucca’s interiors were promising. It had the usual comfortable coffee shop feeling. The selection of pastries and tempting treats were on display as you enter.
Tuna Melt (P165)
Open faced, creamy tuna, cheddar, country bread
Gamberetti (P215)
Spiced shrimp, lemon aioli, celery, ciabatta
This is one sandwich generous with mayo while providing a spicy kick.
Margherita Pizza (P225)
House tomato sauce, fresh basil, olive oil, mozzarella
The Margarita pizza is one of my favorite types ever. Lucca’s version failed to impress. I hardly tasted the basil and the tomato base was too sweet for my liking. 
Shrimp ala Chorizo (P295)
Linguine, sautéed shrimp, chorizo, garlic, olive oil
The best dish I had was this pasta. It had the right amount of chorizo and shrimp giving the right combination of light, salty and tangy. 
Espresso Dacquiose
For a cake with espresso in its name, the Espresso Dacquiose had little of it. I liked the meringue like texture of the cake. It would be nice if they had this cake in different flavors also. 
Bianca Mocha
Lucca knows how to make good coffee. The Bianca Mocha is something coffee enthusiasts would like. I’m not a coffee expert but it tasted legit. 
Chocolate Croissant
I have a thing for choco croissants you see. I remember craving for one in almost every city I visited on my epic birthday trip.  Without a doubt I will go back for their Chocolate Croissant. I loved the flakiness of the croissant coupled with the bittersweet loveliness of the chocolate.

There were a lot of misses and a few hits on this visit to Lucca. I hope their food improves because if it does, I would gladly give it a second chance. I liked Lucca more as a café than a restaurant.

Lucca Bakery and Pizzeria
5th Floor, SM Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City

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