It's been an awfully quiet June on the blog

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Why hello there! Are you still with me? I hope you are! I know I've been a bad blogger, I have tremendous backlog and I'm not yet finished with my epic birthday trip posts. It’s been 9 months and I'm just at the halfway point. I'm sorry! Besides that trip I still have Baguio, El Nido and Manila stories to write. My blog is looking like a food blog because since February, I haven’t been out much.

I don’t have a photo walk for June yet!!

I will be brutally honest. I've been having bouts of doubt. Blogging felt like work for the past few months. It's been hard for me to get my writing mojo back. Then this June, I got back in the "regular-work-as-in-being-office-based" fold. That's a big deal y'all! I haven’t been in that environment since 2006. My work for the past 8 years have been freelance or regular work but not office based so this a major life change for me.

I've been trying to adjust to the new life and the new work. Of course it is taking some time to adjust but this change also meant I had less time for other things in my life. I haven’t had time for my businesses and, have not written anything for the blog since. It comes with the territory, new changes take time.

I've produced articles, photos and videos for work though. My energy has been allocated there. In the mean time, check out some of things I produced for work:

On my first week, we had a major event. and I was asked to shoot some BTS photos. You can see my photos in different parts of the site. I saw a lot of people I worked with in GMA so it was fun.

We have a lot of women centered content on the site. One of my first tasks was to compile places where men can hang out. It was a fun and research intensive article.

I am expanding my skill set and am now a videographer and an editor. Hahaha I'm proud of the videos I produced because they pass my quality check and I did almost everything. Sans the questions for the interviews, I wrote the script, edited, scored and did the graphics of the video. That's a lot mind you; there were days when my brain would feel like mush. Also, it’s not easy looking for royalty free music that’s perfect for your video.
World Cup Memories with the Younghusbands

Bonding with Gabe and Beeto Mercado

Mark Escueta as a first time dad

It's been an eventful June at work. I hope you'd check out the content I produced. Dont forget to continue to visit my blog please.

Hola! Thank you for passing by and checking up on me. Get my blog posts straight to your email by subscribing to the newsletter here. Never miss an article again, booyah! Gracias!

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