Instagram Snaps – January 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My January photos can be summed up in 2 words – food and travel.

(1) I attended a lot of despedidas this January. We spent one of those drinking at my fave – Borough. This Margarita was taken in honor of Owee’s hubby, Richard. Haha
(2) I was a baller in my past. Yes! Betcha didn’t know that. Haha
(3) Kanto Kapitolyo is fast becoming a family favorite. I’ve been there thrice since it opened. The service has slowed down but it is still as pleasant as ever.
(4) A gloomy version of paradise – Nacpan Beach. (Yes, a blog post will appear about it in the faaar future)

(5) After a few gloomy days, we were ecstatic to see the sun in El Nido!
(6) My dates in paradise – Lakwatserang Bayong!
(7) No, this wasn’t taken on the island. I’m back to Manila and I unearthed these! Haha

The start of my year has been quiet generally. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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