Meet my latest hair experiment: Manic Panic Hair Dye

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In high school, I wanted periwinkle streaks in my hair. My school didn’t allow it so I thought of doing it the summer before college. I didn’t get it done but I’ve dabbled in painting my hair with temporary means like spray on dye, hair mascara and even the normal highlighter. I am happy that the colored hair trend is back because it brings with it more products to use. Though I’m no longer a teenager I was bent on painting my hair. 

I researched and found Manic Panic. It is a semi-permanent vegetable based dye that does not use chemicals like ammonia peroxide. It’s safer for your hair. This brand also has conditioning effects on one’s hair. It is a popular brand and first to mind when thinking of bright hair dyes. It has been used by music superstars Rihanna and Kate Perry. In the Philippines, Funky Streaks is an online shop that carries the brand. Jane, the owner, has set up her website to be informative and easy to navigate through. She also is passionate about the dye and answers queries about it. 

I call the hues of Manic Panic as the unnatural ones – colors that do not exist on a person’s body normally. Take your pick between the tinges of red, green, blue, purple, pink, white and orange. From the very start, the brand has a disclaimer: works best on bleached hair. The colors pop out the most so bleaching is a must. If you have light colored hair like me, you can still go ahead with the dye job without bleaching your locks but don’t expect the colors to be that bright.

Now that you’ve met the dye, let me take you to my experience. Since Manic Panic is not your usual over the counter dye in the Philippines, I was nervous. I needed to have my streaks done professionally at a salon with experience with the brand. I picked Azta Salon in Robinson’s Forum because Danah of the Plump Pinay had hers done there. 

Manic Panic didn’t have the stringent odor commonly associated with hair dyes since there are no chemicals. Before anything else, don’t forget to do a patch test to check compatibility. The stylist started at the back part of my head near the nape. After 45 minutes, I had darker hair with purple streaks! I called my gold locks – dirty mashed potatoes.

If you plan to do your dye job at home, make sure to read about the tips for pre-dying from Manic Panic.

Up next, my dye job.

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  1. san ka nag order ng manic panic po? :)

    1. Hi, as mentioned above I got it from Funky Streaks. =)

  2. hi kailangan ba talaga e bleach ang hair bago apply ng manic panic color? meron ba sila color na no need to bleach my hair?

  3. Hi, kailangan ba e bleach ang hair bago e apply ang manic panic color? merun ba silang color na no need to bleach my hair? takot kasi ako sa bleach baka masira hair ko.

    1. Hi Vicsy :) Pwedeng hindi ka mag bleach pero iba yung magiging result sa hair mo. Hindi maaachieve.


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