The battle between straight and wavy hair – a personal preference

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I recently unearthed photos for a family project where I had rebonded hair. Some family members commented that they really liked my hair that way. It brought up a discussion of straight VS wavy hair.

If you have healthy hair, you might be lucky enough to style it any way you want. As I’ve mentioned in my past hair history post, I’m not as fortunate. I used to have straight hair growing up but due to neglect, it became frizzy and unruly. I’ve tried chemical treatments to style my hair via rebonding and perming. If you’re planning to have these treatments done, this is a good read. What are the pros and cons of both procedures?

* Remember, this is based on my personal experience. I am not skilled with styling using a hair dryer as well.

Some Tips
Know your hair state

Just like personal style where you need to know your body type, you need to start with the basics and figure out what kind of hair you have. This knowledge is power and will come handy with making the most out of your crowning glory.


When you do choose the procedure, make sure to have it done at a reputable salon. It is best to consult friends and family for first hand information. Prowl the net for reviews. Know the difference between the types of procedures. I didn’t know the difference between the digital perm and the traditional cold perm. It was only when it was done to me by my stylist that I realized the difference. Knowing what works best for your hair will can help ensure the longevity and likeability of your hair after the process.

Go with rather than against your hair
If you hair leans towards being more straight than wavy, by religiously perming it, you could potentially be doing more damage.

There is no such thing as “no maintenance”

If you really want nice hair, you need to make an effort. It can be as simple as buying the correct shampoo and conditioner for you or learning a few tricks with the hair dryer, there is still maintenance.

Products are your friends
In relation to the previous tip, hair products are a must. When I had my hair permed, adding mousse and knowing when to add mousse to my crowning glory made a difference. When i head for the beach, I also apply a dash of product to help protect my troublesome hair.

In the end, it all boils down to preference and I would rather have my waves. As mentioned in my “Why I love Karina” post, I have wavy hair. I wanted to stop going against the nature of my hair and accept it. Permed hair took my natural hair to the next level. It also lasted longer. I would have curly hair for a few weeks then as it would grow it turned into waves. It’s been a year and half since my perm and the lower part of my hair still show the effects of my perm.

I’ve never been the prim and proper kind of girl. My cousins would kid me that even as a kid it looked like I didn’t comb my hair. Even after my perm, my hair stayed “magulo pretty” in the way I love. It’s my kind of messy but fixed – true to my personality.

I plan to have my hair permed again this May. I shall see my curls again soon!

* Photo Sources for Rachel, Emma, Beyonce, Debra, Lauren, Vanessa and Annasophia.

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