I love my stylist Karina, so should you! (Part 2)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

(Warning, you will see a lot of me in this long post which I don’t normally do. I decided to chop this article into 2 posts because when I started writing, it became too freaking long! Haha)

Check out Part 1 here first before reading below.

Why do I love her?
Reason 2: She genuinely cares about your hair and is passionate about what she does. Before styling your hair, she will listen to what you want done. She will recommend cuts that would work for you and she also informs you if the cut is unflattering. As a quick fix, I wanted to rebond my hair again so that I wouldn’t deal with the frizziness anymore. It came to a point when Karina told me if I rebonded my hair, she wouldn’t cut it anymore. Since my hair was damaged already, she felt that rebonding or coloring it any further would destroy my hair more. She also loved the natural waves of my hair and she reminded me of it.

Can you see the waves in the before photo? =) It's still there! After my first cut with Karina, I went back to my natural color and Karina asked me not to do anything with chemicals (dye, rebond, etc) to my hair first to give it time to become healthier.

Why do I love her?
Reason 3: I feel like she’s my friend. Scratch that, the very first time I met her I thought I WANT to be friends with her! Haha She is one of the nicest people and stylists I’ve ever encountered. She is not at all intimidating or mayabng (like some stylists I know). She takes the time to talk to you not only about your hair but about you.

After resorting back to my natural hair color, I asked her to bring out my waves more since at this point, I really embraced, accepted and loved my hair – I no longer wished to have it straightened, yay. Haha She did an exceptional job bringing out my waves yet again. In fact after this haircut, a lot of people started asking me if I had gotten a perm.

I got extremely busy with work that for almost a year, my hair looked the same – blonde and a bit wavy. I needed Karina’s magic again. I visited her and asked and pleaded to have my hair highlighted. I really wanted colored highlights before Diana Agron and Katy Perry decided to color their hair. Karina was honest with me and said it faded quickly and would last for just a week. I pleaded again to do anything with my hair – highlights, lowlights, anything! I wanted a new look.

She suggested getting a perm instead – she’d rather change the form of my hair than my color since the latter is more damaging. Plus we’ve worked so hard to keep away from color to keep my hair looking better. After much thought, I agreed. I had wanted to get a perm the year before but she asked me to rest from procedures first at the time. At least this time, I could do it already, yay!

They used the cold treatment on my hair. Digital perm is supposedly better for stubborn hair (read, really straight hair). So I’m all Goldilocks like these days and happy with the outcome. I expect this to last for 2-3 months but secretly hoping it would last longer! Haha

I’m not the only who’s been to Karina. So has Danix! She shed her school girl look with a style that makes her look like a beautiful woman.

Owee had her hair done in another salon and was extremely saddened by the cut. Karina rescued her with a clean and modish style making her a happy customer.

Why the long love letter about Karina? I am one of the people who’ve had terrible hair in the past and now that I’m happy with it, I just want to share the love. My friends and family have seen the evolution of my hair and can attest to my love for her.

Regine’s Salon
2nd Floor The Link Building, North Drive corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
02-8561723 (It’s best to call first and set an appointment.)

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  1. oh, you posted my mullet hair :P

  2. sa before shot lang naman. see how happy you are in the after photo? =p

  3. I like your hair.... you have every reason to love your stylist... she did a wonderful job...

    1. Hi Pals Salon, thanks for passing by and for your kind words. =)


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