I love my stylist Karina, so should you! (Part 1)

Friday, September 23, 2011

(Warning, you will see a lot of me in this long post which I don’t normally do. I decided to chop this article into 2 posts because when I started writing, it became too freaking long! Haha)

Sometimes when I really love something, it’s hard for me to blog about it. The usual case is that I enjoy the place/service too much that I get so immersed; I don’t get to take photos and notes. I’m sure you have moments like that too!

The perfect example of this is my stylist, Karina Mantolino of Regine’s Salon located at the Link in Makati. Before I divulge my love story with her, let me tell you about my history first.

I don’t have the best hair in the world. I’m not fishing or anything like that, it’s the real deal. I used to have great silky and straight hair but jeopardized that when I wanted to grow my hair and didn’t cut my hair for one whole year which resulted in dry unmanageable hair. If untreated, I call my style the lioness hair because of its bodacious bigness. My hair is huge and frizzy. Magulo. Haha Since 2006, I’ve tried to change my hair every year even if the change is subtle.

This is my normal hair color. Ok, you don’t see it that much in the first photo but it brings back good memories. =p

I tried rebonding my hair and giving it side swept bangs. Yes, that’s Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo. Haha That was for work. =p

I’ve tried getting full bangs which was a horrible idea and I’m, not showing you a photo of it. I clipped those bangs days after having the cut done. I’ve dyed some parts of my hair black which you only either hated or loved. Haha I call this my Avril Lavigne/Suzie McNeil phase. (Anyone out there who still remembers Suzie? Haha)

I also tried a lighter shade of blonde which made me look Icelandic!

I’ve also had my share of stylists from the affordable ones to the ones that cost an arm and a leg. I’ve always been bent on making my hair straighter using shampoo, conditioners and so many hair products. I’m such a good gauge that if a product works on my MASSIVE hair, it should work for a lot of people.

Back to my stylist….Wanting change, I trooped to Regine’s Salon one day and put myself in the hands of Karina. She actually grew up in Regine’s Salon which is owned by their family. After graduating from college, she headed to the corporate world to try out that route. She discovered that it wasn’t the career for her and decided to pursue her passion, hair. She trained and studied locally and internationally and has established herself as one of the (in my opinion) best stylists in Manila. She is also one of Loreal’s Brand Ambassadors.

Why do I love her?
Reason 1: Other stylists would tell me how to change the structure of my hair (usually rebonding) but Karina was the first one who accepted and appreciated my hair. On my first trip to her, she cut my hair in a way that made me love the mess that I had. I love her for working with my hair instead of against it. I loved my hair so much I almost hugged her.

She wanted a beach-ish look and it worked, she brought out my natural waves and I loved it.

* Check out Part 2 here.

Regine’s Salon
2nd Floor The Link Building, North Drive corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
02-8561723 (It’s best to call first and set an appointment.)

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