February 2013 in Molome

Monday, March 25, 2013

I was MIA in February because of my niece’s party and my Lolo’s sickness and eventual passing. Despite that, I the few photos I have in February are quite a good mix.

(1) and (2) Photos from the Humanity Fair 2013
(3) I truly love Starrs Milkshake despite never blogging about it. Haha
(4) My last beef meal – steak from Bugsys. For lent, I gave up beef, pork and chocolate. It has been challenging. So for my food posts, you’ll see less of those 3.

(5) I went on kiddie mode when I saw this BGC sign with pinwheels and plastic flowers. Aint she a beaut?
(6) This was a tiring day. At 1 AM on February 21, this was my first meal for February 20. Hospital duty coupled with props procurement for a shoot.
(7) Speaking of the shoot, it entailed a teddy bear so I checked the kids to check who to bring.
(8) Nanay Gin (my Tita) made wire names for the family during her days with Lolo in the hospital.

As I write this (in mid March), I’m slowly going back to the groove of things. I’m able to lessen the emotional and physical exhaustion the end of February gave. The family is also trying to smile more which is pretty good.

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