What’s in a bag of Kokoa Hut?

Monday, March 18, 2013

A new stall opened up in the East Wing of Robinsons Galleria and I was intrigued by its products. They were nicely packaged chocolates, you got me at branding.

Kokoa Hut is a brand from Thailand with plain and seed/fruit covered chocolates. Though I never encountered a mind-blowing chocolate experience in Bangkok, I was still curious. The sales lady offered free samples so I took a bunch. It was 2 days before Ash Wednesday (I was giving up chocolate, beef and pork) so I took home 2 small packs of chocolates.

Sunco Sunflower Choco (P50)
chocolate covered sunflower seeds
If you’re looking for chocolate with a crunch and hint of saltiness, this is the variant for you.

Pumpo Pumpkin Choco (P50)
chocolate covered pumpkin seeds
Just because the Pumpo is larger, I think that’s the only reason why the flavor of the seed pops out. It tastes like our local butong pakway but less salty.
There was more chocolate than seeds in both variants so it was difficult to differentiate the taste of the 2. I look forward to trying out the other flavors in April.

* Additional photo from Kokoa Hut Philippines.

Kokoa Hut
Available in Robinsons Galleria, Magnolia and Manila.

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