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Thursday, July 19, 2012

On our first day, I noticed this row of interesting looking restaurants on the street perpendicular to our hostel. We would keep on passing by this route so I would get more intrigued by the restaurants. This particular restaurant, which we found out later on was Thai, had an inviting vibe. This restaurant also had a dynamic and young feel to it. Alas on our last night, we decided to splurge on dinner and try one of those restaurants. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Reflections.

My senses were tingling as every nook of the place was visually striking – it was contemporary, artistic and brilliant with a side order of cheekiness. Reflections was actually a boutique hotel with a restaurant, no wonder the property was large for a restaurant. 

Service here was considerably different from all the places we ate at. Cambodians are a nice bunch already yet the servers here even went a notch higher. I could feel that the staff was trained to deal with tourists. They explained everything well, were vivaciously warm, spoke well and immensely polite.

Seeing our awe, the receptionist offered to tour our group around the hotel. Reflections Siem Reap is actually not a Khmer brand but a Thai one. Each room is thematic and designed differently by Thai artists. They have an assortment of rooms that can accommodate 2-5 people and no room is alike. We were able to check out some of the rooms that were unoccupied.

Hope for Cambodia ($30)
This was designed by Cambodian artist, Sreylen Heng. I love the fact that they had a room dedicated to Cambodia even though the brand was Thai. 

Animals Farm ($30)
For a $30 room, this area is mad spacious. Animals Farm is much larger than most of the $30 rooms in Reflections. 

Life is Plastic aka theBarbie Room ($30)
The girls in our group squealed when we entered Barbie land. I am not exactly a fan of all pink so I wasn’t jumping up and down with them. The Barbie Room will awaken the little girl in you. I imagine this being the ultimate dream room of countless girls around the world.

From Belgium with Love ($30 – good for 2)
The room can fit a third person and guess what, there’s no additional charge! Imagine, this boutique hotel was even cheaper than our hostel? Whut?? To be fair to our hostel, “From Belgium with Love” was smaller than our room in the hostel. You can’t see it but you know what I love the most about this room? The bathroom! They have the rain shower head installed. Can you imagine the glorious baths you could take after a day of touring?
Reflections Siem Reap is not to be taken seriously design wise. Owner Anusorn Ngernyuang’s style is very kitsch which is obvious in his ventures. The room interiors are meant to be comfortable yet laugh inducing.  The owner is big on refurbishing. “Recycle, Reuse,  Reflect” is his personal mantra which is echoed in the property as well.

The hotel also has several lounge areas that patrons can enjoy. These lounge areas tempted us so much that our eyes would drift to them from time to time during dinner. 

Can you spot Pasto???
I WANT that chandelier.

The fences and balcony are made up of words! How insane is that? Again, this is something I want to have as well! The perimeter fence had the lyrics to “Imagine”. One glitch though, can you see it? Haha

But wait, there’s more! One word, pool. Besides being able to relax in a pool while on vacation, Reflections Siem Reap’s deck and veranda provide a cosmopolitan yet soothing ambiance.

Discovering Reflections is one of the highlights of the trip even though it’s not Cambodian. I love the fact that we were able to experience and revel in the visual explosion that it had to offer. As I type this, I smile as I remember the feeling of being there. Without a doubt, if I had known about Reflections Siem Reap prior to our trip, I would have toooootally booked us here. The experience also made me want to pass by the Bangkok branch in November. Teehee

* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon and Reflections Siem Reap.

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Reflections Siem Reap
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