December 2012 in Molome

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Since I made an effort to take more photos, I have a dozen this December! It also helps that there were a lot of gatherings because of the holidays and a couple of weddings!

(1) I enjoyed a good cup of tea at Kuppa during a business meeting.
(2) This shoe (and photo) officially kicked of wedding season for December. This was at Issa and JR’s wedding.
(3) As my caption said “I found gold in the Philippines!”. This is for another wedding.
(4) The blurry lights in the midst of mad Christmas shopping in Ortigas Center.
(5) Got bored while waiting for my ride. Haha Boho outfit for my barkada’s Christmas tradition dinner. The dress is part of my Bangkok haul.
(6) I found another fabulous ice cream place in Café Publico. (upcoming post!)
(7) One of my fave bracelets from the Bangkok trip!
(8 – 10) Photos from Abi and Gen’s wedding. Yes, even Pasto attended!
(11) I found my way to perennial favorite drink - Serendipity at Borough.
(12) Whilst organizing, I found these friendship bracelets from the past! Haha

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