August 2012 in Molome

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I made up for last month’s horrible showing! Hehe I made a conscious effort to whip my phone out more plus more meet ups with friends and family explain this month’s loot.

(1) Love in a cup during a friend’s despedida at Kuppa.
(2) We were hit with strong rains this month.
(3) Another reco from Paola where tea and shakes are cheap and delicious. Ersao is becoming quite a fave for me.
(4) Together with my fellow kaladkarin cousins, we attended the Imelda Tour of Carlos Celdran. I still owe a post about it!
(5) On a cold day when work and classes were suspended, I took to my old MCHS PE shirt. They don’t make these anymore. I have brilliantly wonderful memories from Miriam. =) Proud alumnus over here y’all!
(6) Kabbie’s fault. Haha Enabler. =p
(7) I enjoyed the annual sale too much!
(8) Catching up with friends over dinner, cocktails and blood types. Haha =p Good times.
(9) An enchanting cat we met during last month’s photo walk.
(10) and (11) Head to Chow Fun in San Juan for a helluva good time.

Seeing the collage made me smile; my August was pretty awesome. I love being able to see so much family and friends! September is here and I feel, its goona be epic. Biased! Don’t forget to follow me on Molome!

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