National Bookstore and Powerbooks Sale (2012)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It’s that time of the year as National Bookstore and Powerbooks have their annual sale! What time is it? It’s book shopping time!

I got wind of the sale from my cousin-in-law Kabbie when she posted her finds. I was determined to score some titles for me too with good prices like that! I like lifestyle books and am building my library.

Downtown Chic (P1,097.50, 50% off) 
On a chance visit to Powerbooks Serendra, I saw the Novagratz’ book Downtown Chic! I was ecstatic! I forgot my fave interior design couple had a book. Love love. The book was 50% and I squealed repeatedly in my head. The copy was tattered so I asked for a new one but it was the last copy. Eventually, I found a brand spanking new copy in MOA. Oh the joy! That discovery fueled my want to locate more books.

I was on the lookout for photography, design, food, travel and fashion books. I went to 5 branches already because each visit elicits a different find.

Knack Make It Easy: Soup Classics (P197.50, 50% off)
This book may have crappy photos but it does have great soup recipes. I have a fascination with soup and wish we had more soup joints in the Philippines. I remember when the Soup Kitchen first opened in Megamall and whenever I had a meet up with any group (immediate family, cousins, HS friends, college friends, etc) I would bring them there.  A part of me died when that branch closed in Megamall.

Cocktails Galore (P397.50, 50% off)
This isn’t the first time this book appears in my blog. Haha When I bought this it slipped my mind that I featured this already. I wanted a cocktail book that was timeless and easy to understand. I saw book that said specific brands rather than ingredients which just confused me. The Cocktails Galore book has a clean layout and effortlessly readable.

Ice Cream Galore (P397.50, 50% off)
I enjoyed looking through the “galore” series and another book about one of my loves, ice cream! I don’t have an ice cream maker nor do I regularly make ice cream at home but the book enticed me. I’m no kitchen whiz but would gladly spend more time there for ice cream!

Too bad they didn’t have a good variety of travel books like 2 years ago. I saw some Lonely Planet, Frommers and National Geographic travel books on sale but I swore to only buy if the 2 destinations I’m eyeing were on sale. Alas, they weren’t.Try to visit Bestsellers Galleria because it had the most number of travel books out of all the branches I toured este hunted at.

I know I talk about shopping a lot here but this is not only for my brain but my heart. I can’t wait to read them all and try the recipes! Wiiiihhh! Giddy giddy silly silly me!

The sale runs until September 2, 2012 at all National Bookstores, Powerbooks and Bestseller Stores.

* Additional photo from Kabbie Rodriguez-Alipio.

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