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Monday, May 09, 2011

I've been spending a lot of time watching TV lately and I'm loving 3 reality shows. It's not one of those nasty reality shows. My new addictions have 1 thing in common, they all celebrate their passions. I love seeing people who do what they love and are passionate about it.

Junior Masterchef Australia
For a competition based reality show, casting is God. The show is warm, fuzzy and if it were a movie it would be a feel-good movie. There is no sense of negativity between the contestants; they are each other's cheerleaders. The camaraderie is admirable. The judges give truthful and constructive criticism to the kids.
These kids are insane; they put adults like me to shame. They create dishes that I can't pronounce and use ingredients like pheasant that I've never heard of before. They really know their stuff - they know the recipes and the industry shakers of Australia.
I love the twins Isabella and Sofie but my ultimate ooohhh-I-wanna-pinch-your-cheeks contestant is Siena (Siena's the one in the middle in the 2nd photo)! Ok, maybe I’m biased cos she’s blonde. Sue me. Haha

This show chronicles the lives of husband and wife phenomenal design duo Robert and Courtney Novogratz of Sixx Design. I’ve never heard of them before the show and was hooked after watching the first episode.

They build and design houses from scratch. They actually live in those houses, sell them then build again which is why the Novogratzs have been called modern nomads.
I want them to design my house! Their design aesthetic is contemporary and they mix a lot of pieces together. Their work is hip yet classic and always with a hint of coolness without trying too hard.
Besides their work, their family is kinda insane. They have 7 kids, with 2 sets of twins, and you can really see the love. Sometimes it would seem like the older ones are taking care of the younger ones, which for others would entail therapy in the future, but the older ones absolutely love taking care of the younger ones too. Their family dynamic is unique and fantastic.
DC Cupcakes Sisters Sophie and Katherine quit their jobs in fashion and finance to fulfill their lifelong dream, opening a bakery. With their grandmother’s recipes, they opened Georgetown Cupcakes in 2008. DC Cupcakes chronicles the sisters’ journey in the cupcake world. Visit this link for a brief backgrounder on the show and the sisters.
Drool over the gabagillion cupcake flavors they have! They’re not your ordinary cupcake makers; every week they have special orders that they need to attend to. One of the special projects was for The Animal Rescue League where the sisters made (1) a 3D dog made of cupcakes, (2) cupcakes for the dogs and (3) cupcakes to be sold for the benefit of The Animal Rescue League. Watch more about that HERE.
Their passion oozes out of the television. It’s wonderful to see 2 people zealous about their job who continue to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of cupcakes.

Tin, they’ve been on
Finding ones passion is a challenge that not everyone has the luxury of finding. Have you found yours? I’m still searching, excitedly. =)

* All photos from their respective websites.

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  1. nakapanood ako ng junior masterchef, super love it! nainspire ako magluto haha

  2. ang cute cute nila noh?? i think they're replaying the season again on star world. pag anak mo ganyan, child labor na - di ka na magluluto. hahahaha but i want to pinch their cheeeeeks! =) nakaluto ka na?


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