My 2011 Christmas Wish List

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why do I like wish lists? Besides being able to get what I like, it’s also a huge help to family and friends when thinking of a gift for you. This is the second year I’m posting this on my blog and I’m seriously thinking if I should do this again next year. To my family and friends, if you still don’t have any idea of what you’d like to get me, I hope this list helps you out. =)

Mango or Cocoa Body Butter from Human Nature

I just love this brand! In terms of scents, I'm a BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar girl. In terms of the consistency of the product, I love Human Nature. It’s not sticky and perfectly suited for humid weather. If only they'd come out with a warm vanilla sugar version, I'd forget about BBW. Make me happier by buying this from my friend Danix who's a Human Nature seller! My friend Danix (0922-8327237) sells Human Nature products, you buy from her!

Decent Speakers for my Ipod
I actually don’t have one yet. Why do I want one? I’d like speakers I can bring with me when a travel or use in the bathroom or my room. I hope it sounds good, portable, easy to charge and plus points for being cute! Haha

Cassette Neoprene Case

I don't need it. It's just bloody cute! I can put my phone or iPod in it I guess. Haha

Blue Sam Camera Bag Insert

I think I will get good mileage out of this one. This insert is brought to you by the same company that produced my current camera bag.

Combina Triple Faux Leather Bracelet in Black

I’ve been obsessed with bangles and cuffs for the past couple of years. This fits my collection very well, let’s help this bracelet find a new home – my wrist!

Samantha Sotto’s Before Ever After
Surprised to see a book here? She’s been all over the web, print and television because her first novel was published internationally. She’s another Filipina we can be proud and I’d love to read about it. =)

Design Sponge at Home
I’ve sworn to slowly expand my library of lifestyle books. I already have 1 about food and another on interior design. Fashion and travel should be my next acquisition but when I saw this book, it might just be the fore runner. I’m a fan of the website and they’ve compiled a lot of tips and entries in this book.

For anyone who plans to get me something from my wish list, please coordinate with my sister (Rissa) so that you know what’s still on the list and not.


Let the Christmas chaos continue!

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  1. GF! I have the Samantha Sotto book! You can have it. Pero nasulatan ko na ata ng name ko and date of purchase sa first page, ha? Haha :)

  2. GF!! bat mo pinamimigay yung book?? Hehe gagame ako dyan! =) lagyan mo na lang ng "from" sa tabi ng name mo. Hehe =)


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