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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I should have done this when I first created my own blog but I didn't. Haha I just thought of this now. So with that, I'll be posting some of my online contributions.
* Originally published on March 31, 2008 -

Summer is here and it’s bound to get hotter and sweatier. Hold up, living in a tropical country gives us a license to be in summer mode 24/7. One of the benefits of that is being able to enjoy chilly creations all year round.

Touted as the local Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Sebastian’s Ice Cream is absolutely divine. I’ve had my fair share of ice cream faves but Sebastian’s is the type of goodie that if you’ve had a ridiculously awful day, it would be a reward and make you feel better instantaneously.

Sebastian’s isn’t your run of the mill ice cream. The flavors come in wit-filled names and mouth watering combinations making ice cream an art form. It’s not just one ingredient, each flavor is a product of several exquisite ingredients blended together for that incredible taste. They have over 50 flavors that are in rotation. At a time, 10 flavors are available for the picking. Their servers may be quiet but always attentive. You can have a nibble before choosing the right flavor for your mood.

During my visit, they had these smile-churning treats: Blueberry Cheesecake (Rich cheesecake ice cream with graham crust pieces and a blueberry swirl made with real blueberries), Dublin Caramel (The smooth, unique taste of Baileys Irish Cream in a delightful ice cream with thick, gooey caramel swirl), Mango Sans Rival (Cashew Buttercream ice cream garnished with Cashews, wafer pieces, and a luscious Mango ribbon made with real mangoes), Chocoholics Anonymous (Rich Chocolate ice cream with a thick Fudge ribbon & even more Dark Chocolate chunks), Dublin Fudge (The smooth, unique taste of Baileys Irish Cream in a delightful ice cream with a thick ribbon of rich chocolate Fudge), Macadamia White (Delicate White Chocolate ice cream garnished with Macadamia Nuts) and Butter Pecan (Crunchy butter roasted pecans in Rich Butter ice cream).

(Top to Bottom: Nuttin’ but Pistacio, Up All Night, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

Three flavors stood out during this visit. Coming in at third place is Nuttin’ but Pistacio (Rich pistachio ice cream loaded with even more whole roasted pistachio nuts). It’s mind blowing how fantastic this tastes. Pistachio addicts should not let this escape their palette. The battle for first and second place was a tough one. For coffee fanatics, this will keep you Up All Night (Creamy coffee ice cream with espresso fudge and coffee chocolate chunks). With just a morsel of it touching your mouth, your taste buds would jump up and rejoice. My I-have-to-come-back for you favorite hands down would be Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with gobs of unbaked Chocolate Chip cookie dough and walnuts). This brings back memories of my mom letting us “clean” the bowl she used for baking cookies. I loved the chunks and texture that this flavor had to offer. It is like an adventure waiting to be unraveled with every bite.

I have every plan to go back and taste the other flavors that this kiosk has to offer. Sebastian’s isn’t just ice cream, its an experience.

4th Floor Podium Mall, ADB Ave.,
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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