Tips for Retiring Clothes

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I really loved watching Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. I’m sad it only had 2 seasons. =( I want him to be my fairy godfather! When he goes through the subject’s closet he divides the items to keepers, menders, throwaways and giveaways. You may not have a Tim Gunn in your camp but you should retire some of your clothes from time to time. Whether it’s about trends, taste, lifestyle or fit, you’ve got to let go. Here are some things to consider when thinking of a new home for your retired things.

Sell your wares
If you have the time and energy, the good old garage sale is a good way to sell your retired items. You can also go digital and post an album on Fabook or post it on Ebay.

Don’t go too far
When I let go of items that have a couple of years more in them, it’s usually about fit, taste or lifestyle. I check with family and friends if anyone would like dibs on them. I would like my former acquisitions to have a good home especially when I paid a lot for them. Haha

Widen the net
Check your extended circle that can benefit from your retired items. I usually ship a batch to the office of my parents.

Be mindful of whom to give them to
I have some pieces that are “fasyon” for some individuals. I give the awesome pair of heels or the beautifully constructed dress to a group that I know will appreciate it and use them. I had several business attire clothes that didn’t fit well anymore. I am still looking for an organization that may have use for them. Do you know of any NGO that helps women get up on their feet? Individuals who may need business attire clothes for interviews or a new chapter in their lives?

Save it for emergencies
As sad as it may sound, there will always be a need for clothes when calamities hit the Philippines. I’m sure this sounds familiar, when there’s call for donations you don’t have clothes to spare. Calamities happen when we least expect them to so it’s hard to be prepared. When it’s time for me to retire clothes, I set aside a couple of basic items so that when the call for donations arises, I have some clothes to donate. As mentioned in the previous tip, you need to be mindful. Will the affected people who got hit by a storm use your designer dress or maillot? They will need more basic items like shirts, shorts, pants, slippers and shoes (not your 5 inch wedges).

Can you recommend some organizations to donate to? Hit the comments button or email me if you do plus if you have other tips you’d like to share.

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  1. I never buy anything for me because of some financial situations. With 3 kids and only my husband is working. It's hard to stretch the dollar. Some people give me some of their clothes. I use them.

    By the way , love your blogs.


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