May 2012 in Molome

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I’ve been trying to take more photos using Molome so people would love Molome too! May was not as abundant as last month’s collection though.

(1) True to my “sinuka ng summer” style, I wore my fave DLSU-ADMU color combination on a hot summer day.
(2) This beautiful customized pearl bangle was a gift from Owee and Richard that I was supposed to use for their wedding.
(3) I am reunited with an old cold favorite, hello Taro Ice!
(4) This day was emotionally horrible and while I was feeling the negativity, I saw this rainbow in the middle of the city which helped lessen the horridness. I am such a sucker for rainbows.
(5) A disappointing and heart wrenching weekend was saved when I had a great day with one of my best friends. We saw another insane sunset that day. We actually talked for 6 hours from 10 PM – 4 AM on my street! We had to say goodbye because the marathon scheduled was already setting up. Haha Fantastic times!

If you check my page, majority of my photos are sunsets. Haha I am loving my collection! Don’t forget to follow me on Molome!

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