Spend VS Save: Summer Tank

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I only have this phrase to sum up my style: "sinuka ng summer" (direct translation is “Vomit of Summer” which sounds horrible! Haha I have to think of a better way to translate that.). I do like black but I also love splashing on color. You can actually see glimpses of my multicolored wardrobe here, over there, a little bit here oh and over yonder.

Spend: Cache Cache Tank (P699)

I’ve never explored inside this store because I heard the price point was like Terranova or Promod but the clothes didn’t look like they were up to par. I saw the “Save” version a couple of weeks back so when I passed by Cache Cache’s window display, I was shocked. It was the same shirt I tried on 2 weeks ago.

Save: Never Been Kissed – Robinsons Department Store (P250)

Before you protest, as mentioned I saw the “Save” version weeks before. I was picking between 2 designs from Never Been Kissed: the photo you see above and the other tank that looked EXACTLY like the Cache Cache version sans the pocket with button. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my sister since she was with me. True to my personality, I got the tank pictured above which fits in perfectly with the rest of my “sinuka ng summer” style.

Did you do the math? That’s a substantial price difference for 2 identical items. You can find both tanks at Robinsons Galleria so happy hunting!

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