Camera Bag Hunting Part 5: Epiphanie Bags

Sunday, November 14, 2010

As I previously mentioned, I’m still on the look out for the camera bag that fit my needs.
The Criteria:
1. Must fit my camera and my essentials for travelling.
2. I hope it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag.
3. Price.

Bonus points for weather proof-ness or at least can take on water/rain. I don’t even think about weight management anymore because will all my crap, it will automatically be heavy. Haha

I saw a lot of international brands that I can’t afford but I still fell in love with them. They’re camera bags that look like handbags on the outside but secretly a camera bag inside. Aaaaahhhh!!! Quality comes with a price tag and these brands come with a high one.

Presenting, the astronomically beyond my reach camera bags. Haha Unsurprisingly, a lot of these brands came from photographers.

Created by photographer Maile Wilson just over a year ago, Epiphanie Bags are my favorite to date! All styles come with removable cross-body straps. They are stylish, trendy yet strangely classic, water-resistant and get the job done! I wwaaaannntttt….Out of all the brands I’ve seen, Epiphanie is the closest to my personality and lifestyle. I can see myself comfortably checking out temples in Cambodia, walking countless hours in Europe (one can dream!) or walking the cold shores of the USA.

They’re extremely tempting, this coming from a person who isn’t a fan of designers bags! Epiphanie bags are as expensive or even more expensive than a Longchamp bag! (The Longchamp is what I fondly call for a designer bag addict in training. It’s usually the first brand addicts buy before moving up the designer bag food chain – LV, Gucci, Prada and personal fave Balenciaga.)
 Belle $164.99 (Approximately P7,260)
The simple rectangular shape makes for uncomplicated usage. Comes in black, red, turquoise and fuchsia.
 Ginger $164.99 (Approximately P7,260)
I googled for Epiphanie bags and found Lisa raving about her Ginger bag. What does she keep inside? Her camera, wallet, make-up, diapers and food – that’s a lot of stuff! Dontcha want one for yourself as well? My umbrella would fit in this bag I think. Comes in black or brown.
 Lola $164.99 (Approximately P7,260)
Sighs…..The Lola would have been the bag I would buy, I even like all 3 colors! I love the shape and believe it to be THE bag for me. I may not bring this to Boracay or Coron (I’d be using my Rubber Ducky dry bag there) but I could have lovingly used this in Cebu, Davao, KL and Bangkok. I just honestly don’t know if my umbrella or water bottle would fit here, so perhaps the Ginger or Belle is actually a better fit for me? Comes in black, red and turquoise.

 These ladies have one for everyone in their group! Oh Maile….If only I had a Fairy Godmother to give me one of your bags! I ache as I look at Lola.

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