My camera bag right now: Izzoshop’s Dominique

Friday, October 14, 2011

Remember my epic camera bag hunt which spawned five different blog posts? The search is put on hold for now. Before I head to the present and divulge my story, let’s travel down memory lane.

In my first post, I mentioned the Forever 21 All Around Tote Bag. I have to confess, I got that bag a couple of months ago. Haha I got the olive version on sale for less than P700. I now use it as my work bag.

Parts 3, 4 and 5 featured bags that looked like purses, needed to be bought internationally and were waaaay above my budget. I lusted and had sleepless nights because of Epiphanie Bags! Seriously, I wanted them all and was THIS close to buying. It was too expensive of a purchase so I conceded. Also, I’m iffy buying something so expensive and important to me online since I need to feel the bag and try it out.

Now to the present, my bag! Izzoshop’s bags first made an appearance in my blog in Part 2 of the camera bag hunt because of Sasha. I liked that Izzoshop’s bags were locally made and priced well in my budget range. I waited patiently for the brand to develop more bags that were perfect for.

I found the Dominique bag (P895) which I absolutely fell in love with. I originally wanted the red version but took too long to decide and when I was bent on getting one, it was sold out.

So I picked the next best thing, the Bright Blue one! It’s sssoooo meee!!!! The big reason why I wanted to get the bag was so I could use it in Singapore for my Bratty Birthday Week. Thankfully, the bag came just in time! I was able to use it to my Little Tokyo outing and birthday lunch at Patis Tito in Laguna.

Review Time!
The Pros:

- 2 zippers. It sounds so basic but it helps immensely.


- The bag is padded all the way! I wanted a camera bag that would have proper padding and this one does.

- My camera no longer swims inside. Since the Dominique has several padded dividers that allow you customize the compartments inside. I use 1 divider to separate my camera from all of my things.

- All of my stuff can fit. This is a blessing and a curse - the roomier the bag is, the more stuff I can put in it. Haha What can I put inside my bag? My camera, camera accessories, umbrella, shades, notebook, iPod, wallet, 2 phones and a very small kikay kit. It can get heavy. Haha


- It doesn’t look like a camera bag or a ladies handbag. I feel like my camera is safely hidden and since the Dominique doesn’t look like a normal women’s purse – there is a lower tendency for my bag to be stolen.

- I like the outside pockets. When I’m travelling, I easily put my passport in the back pocket for easy access when going through immigration. The side pockets are the perfect place for my hand sanitizer. The front pockets are commuter friendly! I need not bring out my wallet every time, I just put my commuting money in there and I’m good.

- Madz, the owner. She’s very easy to talk to though texts at 2 AM. Haha I am happy to encounter such a lovely seller.

- The quality. I feel like the bag won’t last that long.
- No pockets inside. I love pockets inside my bag! It can easily hold my keys, ballpen and little knick knacks.
- The strap. When it gets hot, the strap sticks to you. I also wish it had a bit of padding to help with the weight of the bag. I had some
- The blue bag’s material isn’t water proof. I would love to have this too but perhaps it would be hard to create a bag with that kinda of material and look stylish at the same time? I’m just guessing here.


For the price I paid, I love this bag. I think that the price point is parallel to its quality. The pros on my list outweigh my cons. I do love my Domique bag. I just don’t know how it will measure up to more rugged trips. Haha
Izzoshop has a lot of bags to choose from, go and visit their site cos you’ll surely fall in love with one! I’ve already converted a couple of people! Haha


Teehee Yes, I did some shopping for my birthday. I also got some Bath and Body colognes which I ordered online on ebay. The colognes arrived on the same day I got the Dominique!

* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon and Rissa Cortez.

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  1. Yong F21 bag mo ang gusto ko. And for the sale price, that is such a steal!:-D

  2. nagswiswim sa loob yung camera work bag talaga. ahihihi

    pero by some stroke of luck, i'll be getting what i want!! izzoshop is reissuing the red bag. my cousin wants MY bag and offered to SWAP! so i am elated! haha

    pero medyo panalo sya for a girly cam bag. big factor sakin na hindi na nagswiswim sa loob yung cam. apir! ahihihi =)


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