Epic Fail at WhiteMoon Bar

Monday, July 04, 2011

We had plans to watch Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai all the way in Manila. Danix and I wanted to eat before the show and had trouble thinking of a place. I had a eureka moment and remembered WhiteMoon Bar at Manila Ocean Park, we would be walking distance from the show avoiding the stress of trooping to Manila! Yay! We both love sunrises (though hardly awake for it) and sunsets so seeing a sunset right before the show was a bonus!

Being that WhiteMoon is a bar, I was worried about the food that they served. I read in one of the blogs that you could order food from Makansutra so I was relieved. However that ruling doesn’t apply anymore. You can still order from Makansutra but you need to pay for corkage.

The chairs were comfortable and the music added the beach-y feel. Oh, just make sure you don’t look over the balcony because the water was filled with trash.

Grilled Tanigue with Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce P350
This was supposedly good for 2 – 3 people; more like 2 – 3 children. It was not the proportion I expected for the disclaimer. The fish was bland and I didn’t taste the lemon, butter or even the garlic. The sauce was a good add on.

Green Apple Margarita (P650/pitcher)
The drink tasted bitter and wasn’t at all fun. There’s a difference between tasting the alcohol (you know it’s not the good kind when the taste overpowers everything else) and feeling the alcohol. We did not taste the Green Apple and the alcohol taste was overwhelming. In fact, we didn’t even feel the alcohol. Their pitcher was equal to just 6 martini glasses.

Garlic Rice (P40)
This was the only good thing about or meal, one of the best I’ve tasted!

The sunset? Awesome! Thank you God for giving us good weather to see this beauty!

WhiteMoon Bar was a letdown. The only incredible thing about the experience was the sunset – which was free! Haha

WhiteMoon Bar
2/F Sunset Quay, Manila Ocean Park, Manila City

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  1. i had some cocktails here and indeed theyre not worth what u pay for. good thing we had our meal at Makan Sutra or now called Makkan Makkan. View was breath taking but u litereally have to hold your breath because of the smell of Manila Bay.

    so how was varekia by the way?

  2. Hi Geia! Haha We didn't even get to step into Makkan Makkan so I didnt know they changed the name. Thanks for this, will edit the post. View lang maganda noh? When we went, we were lucky that the air was fine. It didn't stink at all. =)

    I just posted about Varekai, it was FANTASTIC! =) http://angkaladkarin.blogspot.com/2011/07/cirque-de-soleilvarekai-in-manila-2011.html

  3. u should try makkan, its good out there, they serve south east asian foods.

  4. Thanks for the reco! Will do that next time I'm in the area. =)


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