The carnivore heads to Wabi-Sabi

Thursday, March 01, 2012

You read it right; the meat loving kaladkarin is at a vegetarian restaurant! In my defense, I’ve been trying desperately to add vegetables in my meals. I find myself scouting for vegetarian restaurants or restaurants with a good selection of vegetable dishes.

One tip, don’t go to the Collective on a Monday! We headed there on the first day of the week and found a lot of stores closed. It was a good thing that Wabi Sabi was open or else our trip to the Collective would have been a total bust. My Asian food tripping buddy Danix was with me for the ride.

Thai Milk Tea (P50)
I’ve proudly proclaimed my love for this in the past and Danix shares that passion as well. We were very excited to see that Wabi Sabi had our fave drink in their menu but was disappointed when we tasted it. Their version was sadly bland. 

Ramen Padilla (P105)
Shoyu Ramen
This is my bowl of choice and it was just okay. I’m sorry but I just don’t have any more words to describe its ok-ness. One thing is for sure, for a vegetarian dish, it didn’t taste like a horrible dish. It tasted like a normal dish.

Fernando Pho Jr. (P95)
Vietnamese Pho

This was Danix’s order and I liked this better than my ramen. The pho had hints of basil but not the usual Vietnamese level I’m used to with other phos. The vegetable crackling was a good addition to Fernando. 

Ban Mi (P75 – half; P150 – whole)
We ordered the half portion of the Ban Mi. I must say, their veggie was awesome because it tasted and felt like real meat. The saltiness of the veggie meat and the citrus taste of the mayo sauce with the cucumber were several elements that made this sandwich awesome. This was my favorite dish of the night and mark my words, I will be back for this!

For a restaurant that’s absolutely vegetarian, this carnivore approves. I expected to have food that tasted just like vegetables only but at Wabi Sabi, the food tasted “normal” which is always a good thing in my book. If you want to slowly add vegetables in your life then this restaurant is a good place to do so, it doesn’t shock your system.

The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
0918-450 1714

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