Berenice’s Birthday Cupcakes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Berenice is a foodie like me. She has been my partner in crime in many food adventures already (Banoi’s, Milky & Sunny + Cab, Bellarocca and Naci Comfort Food & Dessert Bar to name a few).

For her birthday last January, she decided to order several dozens of cupcakes from Joanie’s Cupcakes. Did she have a party? No. We first encountered Joanie’s at the Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 last November and she loved the cupcakes so much she wanted to have them for her birthday. So what did she do? She ordered a bunch of cupcakes to give to her family and friends, sweet diba?

The night before her birthday, Berenice asked me if I could accompany her to pick up the cupcakes then we had dinner at H Cuisine in Quezon City. After dinner, we went back to her office to deliver the cupcakes to the lucky recipients. So which cupcakes did we get?

Chocolate Cream (P395/dozen)
Moist chocolate cupcakes topped with fluffy chocolate buttercream.

Cupcake de Mercedes (P395/dozen)
Your favorite cake roll just got a fabulous makeover! Delicate chiffon cupcake filled with sweet custard then topped with light meringue.

Scarlett Cuppies (P395/dozen)
Elegant red velvet cupcakes filled and topped with luscious vanilla meringue buttercream. 
Melting Chocolate Cup (P395/dozen)
Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake with a molten center. A chocolate lover’s delight!

Joanie suggested that we heat up this baby and top it with ice cream – so we did. Ay caramba...this cupcake will make any sugar lover (uhm me!) squeal in delight.

The birthday girl gamely posed with her lovely cupcakes. (Belated) Happy Birthday to my neighbor, fellow food addict and friend! =)


Joanie's Cupcakes

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  1. Belated happy birthday Berenice! Wish you all the best and happiness sweet girl!

    Those cupcakes are EVIL!=p

    1. Remember, Berenice is willing to go to India with you! Ahihihihi Next time that you're here, holler. Kaladkarin ko rin si Berenice to come. Nag enjoy sa kasama kayo. Hehe =)

    2. and yes, those cupcakes are MIGHTY evil! =p

    3. Hahaha, honga, nagulat akong sasama sha samin sa India hehe! Yes, would love that!:-)

    4. Kaladkarin rin yun eh. Hehe one slot, filled!

  2. lucky friends and family! mukhang masarap yung cupcakes. pero mas winner yung last pic :)

    1. masarap yung cupcakes pero narealize kong ice cream or cookies type of person ako. hehe game sya magpose! =)

  3. Hi, would it be okay if we use some of your photos for our FB fan page? :) Thanks so much for this post!

    1. Hi Joanie =) Sure! Please just mention the photo source. Thanks!


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