Does H Cuisine really have Awesome food?

Monday, February 13, 2012

When a restaurant claims to serve “awesome food”, it officially gets me intrigued. H Cuisine has been in my radar for some time but this was the first time I attempted to try the place out. I was surprised to see that it was a quaint restaurant, for some odd reason I thought it would be bigger. Service wasn’t H Cuisine’s best attribute; thank god the food was waaaay better.

Asian Chicken Salad (P178)
Crisp wanton rice noodles, lettuce, fruit, chicken, capsicum, soy-orange vinaigrette.

I don’t normally like asian (inside joke! Mwahahahaha right Berenice?!) salads but this one I took a liking too. The orange vinaigrette did not over power the dish and all of the elements worked well together.

Breaded Chicken Parmesan Rolls (P188 – single, P288 – for sharing)
Chicken fillet with garlic mayo dip and h-rice.

The H-Rice was the star of this plate. I would have downed that rice without anything else. It reminded me of hainanese rice but with a stronger sauce. The cheese coated the chicken pretty well but without the coating, the chicken tasted a tad bland. I also found the mayo dip too strong.

Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly (P288 – single, P428 – for sharing)
Slow-roasted, fork-tender with demi-glace gravy.

Ah, lo and behold the reason why I wanted to try the restaurant – the supposed awesome angus beef belly. I am happy to report that the dish absolutely lives up to its name. The beef was so soft it could melt in your mouth. It was so delicious I could feel it go straight to my thighs. Haha

Combine the Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly with the H-Rice and you have the best meal ever from H Cuisine! Seriously! I would like another chance to go back to H Cuisine to try the other dishes; I just hope they’re as awesome as the beef belly.

H Cuisine Casual Dining Restaurant
64 Rallos St. cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
02-4130347; 0917-5908000

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  1. Rikikay, di ba beef yong angus beef belly? naconfuse ako ng slight hahaha! But omigosh! Everything looks so yummy, i want i want! yay, something new to try! Please, kaladkarin mo kami dito:-D

    1. Ay, tama, beef not pork! haha Thanks for pointing that out to me. =) I edited it already. This is very near the area where you used to stay, yung time na nag Pampanga tayo? I am more than willing and able to eat with you guys the next time you are in town. Plan na natin yan! Haha =p

    2. Yes! Oh no, nangangati paa ko mag Manila hahaha!


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