Milky & Sunny and Cab at Kapitolyo

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I remember eating at Wild Honey Singapore wishing there would be a breakfast place in Manila that was near my hood. Lo and behold a month after, Milky & Sunny opened its doors in Kapitolyo. Both restaurants boost of having a menu that consists of breakfast items but the similarities end there.

Milky & Sunny is a cozy all day breakfast nook in the foodie haven neighborhood in Kapitolyo, Pasig. It does not have the same sophistication as Wild Honey but I still wanted to try it out. As I said previously, I love breakfast food but am hardly awake to have it. They have an extensive menu of familiar breakfast food and some surprises thrown in. 

BLT (Bacon Leek and Tomato) Soup (P80)
I expected this to be tomato based so I was surprised to see that the soup was white. The BLT Soup was loaded with a lot of onions and had an overpowering taste of leeks. It was rather thin and went down your throat smoothly.

Bacon Tostadas (P100)
I wanted this to taste the bomb, but sadly it didn’t. The tomato sauce used in this dish was rather sweet, Filipino sweet, which wasn’t exactly my favorite. When I took a bite of the first tostado, I did not taste the bacon at all. However when I had my second tostada, it was only then when the bacon was apparent. Oh, this little sucker is messy to eat with a capital M.

Bacon and Spam Pasta (P180)
Yes, you read it right – this was our third bacon dish for the day. Teehee You could really taste the spam in the white sauce but the bacon only seemed like a topping. The good news is the sauce isn’t that rich so it’s not overpowering.
Overall, we didn’t love our meal at Milky & Sunny. Like Subspace, this was another case of interior design and ambiance trumping the food. However, I don’t mind giving Milky & Sunny a second chance in order to sample the other things on their menu.

Oh, right next door to Milky & Sunny is Moonleaf. It was my first time to try this brand so I didn’t have expectations. The Tiramisu Milk Tea (P75 – on the right) was sweet and you could really taste the tea. The Peppermint Milk Tea (P75 – on the left) lost the tea taste but the Peppermint sure made its presence felt.

We went around Kapitolyo and headed to Cab Café for dessert. Cab Café is from the same family that brought us legendary Bob’s in Bacolod. We only had enough space to devour the Pavlova and the Sansrival. I will keep this short, they were excellent and I plan to go back.

There is so much more of Kapitolyo that my tummy will explore and so should you.

Milky & Sunny
9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo in Pasig City

Cab Café
18 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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